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An Open-Letter To Ladbrokes


This is an open letter sent in by one of our readers David Welburn… Is Ladbrokes The Worst Bookmaker Ever? Do you think a bookmaker should be able to take a bet and then change the conditions of the bet afterwards? I certainly don’t but this happened to me recently. I placed a bet with Ladbrokes at 7/4 and was given ...

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The Ultimate Staking Plan

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I recently had lunch with John Jackson, one of the writers for SmartSigger. When it comes to statistics John would call himself an amateur, but he’s in fact a very knowledgeable chap and if he says he’s an amateur then it’s certainly at a very high level. One of John’s biggest focuses on his betting is on optimising staking. And ...

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Profiting From The Shorties

Family commitments have restricted me in putting together an in depth stats and trends overview for Royal Ascot. But you won’t have missed anything because with a little bit of searching the main racing sites that produce micro sites for the festivals will have most of the information. One has to be careful when publishing stats and trends etc as ...

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