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What’s This Value Thing All About?

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You’ve heard this word “value” battered about for months, possibly years, but yet it’s still some kind of elusive entity. Something that you can’t quite wrap your fingers around. What does it mean? Why should you check for it? How long does it take to determine if you’ve got it? Those are the questions that are running through your head ... Read More »

Using Betting Systems As A Shortlist

Using Betting Systems As A Shortlist copy

There are two inherent truths in betting systems and these are: They produce a low ROI They have generic rules In fact these are only true for betting systems built using the standard approach, which I like to call the IF AND OR approach. IF number of runners is less than twelve AND the race type is all weather AND ... Read More »

Selections For Exotic Bets – Part Two


In part one we covered the selection process, and went into understanding the concept, for pool betting. In part two, today, due to a number of requests I’m going to cover one of my favourite bets… The PlacePot If you missed Part One then you can read that here – The placepot is a bet where the first six races of a ... Read More »

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