Thursday , 29 January 2015

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Finding Winners From The Daily Stat Pack


Every day on the Race Advisor we publish the Daily Stat Pack here. In it you will find all the jockeys and trainers that have achieved a strike rate of 17% or higher on the course that they’re racing at today. This in itself is a very useful report to have every day for a shortlist of jockeys and trainers ... Read More »

The Weekly Profit Puller

Eddies copy

In this weeks Profit Puller I thought I’d run through how you can use the Daily Stat Pack and how by doing a little extra work, you can sort the wheat from the chaff and find value amongst the selections. The original idea behind the stat pack was to find horses quickly that had proven themselves over at least two ... Read More »

Are You Ready To Make More Profits?

profit way to progress prosperity success and wealth financial g

Happy New Year. This is the first post of 2015. 2015. Wow… that sounds so futuristic! I’m only a little bit disappointed that we haven’t got flying cars yet, but I’ll get over it. However, more importantly. It’s a new year and that means we can look back over the previous year to determine how we did in our betting ... Read More »

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