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Work Out The Minimum Odds You Should Take In Less Than 5 Minutes

Horse Race

Recently I’ve been reading through some old betting magazines. And it was during one of these forays into a magazine that I read Alan Coldricks article on how to convert ratings into odds. It’s very difficult to determine whether a horse is offering value odds, even if you are using a reliable set of ratings. There are a variety of ...

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Become a Master of Disguise

Computer hacker stealing data from a laptop concept for network

You’ve finally cracked it. After years spent funding the bookie bigwigs’ summer holidays, you’ve become a member of the 1% that actually makes money from sports betting. Perhaps that was down to help from Race Advisor, perhaps you simply learned from your own mistakes – it doesn’t really matter how you achieved it, the fact is that you now generate ...

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Who Will Win The Grand National 2015?

3D Man - What Is Your Opinion

For the first time in years I’m not able to analyse the Grand National because I have to pick my mum up from the airport, and so I want to ask you for your help. Please let me know who you’re going to be betting on by selecting as many runners as you like below. I’m going to pull up in my ...

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