Friday , 28 November 2014

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The Weekly Profit Puller

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Welcome to the Weekly Profit Puller. This is where I’m going to look at various products or services and delve a little deeper into how they work and how best to use them. I wanted to look at Betting Bounty today. The team behind this service live and breath free bets and the best way to extrapolate money out of the bookmakers. By ... Read More »

Four Corners

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The Racing Horse is indifferent to the plethora of supposed new betting advice systems and strategies that come on to the market. A few deserve scrutiny but the vast majority are either bogus or not fit for purpose. Some authors/sources deliberately procure false hope, others albeit unintentionally, enlist less important or flawed features and give wrong credence to certain aspects. ... Read More »

How To Make Ratings Work For You

Golden Rating Stars Chalkboard

Todays post is purely due to an email that I was sent by Brian a little while ago. It’s something that really struck a chord with me. The easiest thing to do is to show you what the email said: “ Hi Michael. There seems to have been a lot of emphasis on ratings recently and there are loads out ... Read More »

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