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Welcome to the Race Advisor. My name is Michael Wilding and I am the founder of the Race Advisor.

If you are someone who enjoys betting but feels overwhelmed by never having been able to make it profitable then you have found what you have been searching for!

The Race Advisor is one of the leading blogs on betting in the UK. Our goal is to help you generate more profit from your betting than you’re currently doing. With thousands of blog posts and some of the leading horse racing analysis software out there, if you’ve got a question about betting then we’re here to make sure you get the right answer.

Here’s a bit of background explaining how I got into sports betting.

As I am sure everyone does when they go through school, I wanted to be a number of things including a magician, doctor and animator. On leaving I was meant to head to art school and start my degree in animation. Two weeks before the term began I decided that sitting in an art studio for three years was actually something that I could do without and instead went travelling.

This began my life-long passion for travel and to this day I try travel as much as possible every year. When I landed back on UK turf one year later I decided I wanted to be an actor and started auditioning for drama schools.  I was lucky enough to be accepted and spent a very enjoyable three years at drama school. During this time I started to get interested in betting and started placing the first regular bets of my life.

Not liking to lose I decided that I would try poker instead, and that went in pretty well with the social life of a bunch of drama school students at the time!

In order to play poke I actually had to go out and learn how to, so I did and in the process learned my first valuable lesson. You can’t do well at anything if you don’t learn. Ultimately I was an alright poker player, I came out in profit but lacked the key requirement to be really successful, patience. And, I decided that I would look at horse racing again but this time I was going to learn about it.

By now I had finished drama school and launched myself into the world of acting. When I wasn’t working I read books about racing. New books, old books, stats books, systems, form it didn’t really matter to me. I just wanted to figure out how it worked.

There was also the need to make a profit to pay for more travel. After I decided that I was going to start betting again I began with £500 and read the form of a specific set of race conditions that I particularly enjoyed (and had learned the most about). Within 6 weeks I had earned enough money to go travelling for over two months!

So I did.

When I came back I realised that acting was not going to be for me. I enjoyed it, but not enough. At the suggestion of my girlfriend at the time I applied to the leading university in the country for footwear design (long story!). Incredibly I was accepted and did a post-graduate course.

However, I was now in the position where I was making regular money from my betting and, as with most universities, the amount of time required in the university left me plenty to make an income.

During that year I not only cemented my knowledge of horse racing and sports betting but also started to look at automation. I knew that when I had finished the course I was going to need to get a job and if I wanted to do that and continue betting then I was going to need to automate the process.

My first betting bot was a bit rough around the edges and traded Betfair. This was placing over 300 bets per day for me and making a nice profit by the time it was finished and then I realised that I could automated everything.

Over the next few years I worked as a footwear designer for numerous companies before starting my own label but, I was also working on the side as a betting consultant. Then one day I was introduced to somebody who was an artificial intelligence programmer for some of the world’s biggest betting teams. When I saw what they were doing my whole perspective changed from form reading to statistics.

Once again I went out and learnt everything that I could about statistics, betting teams, ratings and betting models. I then started to create my own advanced set of horse racing ratings to use in my own betting model. This is something I still use and develop to this day.

After a few years I was approached as a professional bettor to write a course teaching people how to go from a losing punter to a profitable one over the period of one year. And so Puntology was born along with my entry to the online community of sports betting.

My focus on my betting grew and grew until I decided to shut down the footwear company and concentrate on providing tools and teaching others to bet successfully as  well as my own betting.

If we have only just met then welcome. You should join my newsletter right now and after that you may want to take some time to explore my blog or start by joining one of my programs. Whatever you do I am honoured that you have decided to visit my site. I hope that it’s helpful to you and I can continue to help you make your betting succeed beyond your wildest dreams.