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Horse Racing Winners (How To Find Them Fast)

If you liked this video, then please use the buttons at the top and bottom share it with your friends. The selections found inside this video today are: Date Time Course Name Recommended Odds 17/05/2017 18:25 Bath Attain 2.64 17/05/2017 18:05 Perth Just Before Dawn 1.39 17/05/2017 18:35 Perth Welcome Ben 3.82 17/05/2017 13:40 Yarmouth Farook 1.64

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100% Winners (how we find them)

A couple of days ago we sent out an email with a nice angle in to find selections. We like to do that kinda thing 😉 Here’s what Bob wrote in to us yesterday… “What can I say. 2 bets today and 2 winners. Many thanks Bob” What more needs to be said! Ah… you probably want to know what …

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Making Profit from Horses after Long Lay-Offs

Flat Racing

With the Flat racing season about to get underway in earnest, punters are scratching their heads trying to figure out ways to bash the bookies. The problem with the start of any season is that you’re struggling to find trends as there is no recent form to go on. One way to circumnavigate this issue is to discover if there …

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Rapid Horse Racing Winner Selection

It’s pretty darn difficult to make a profit from horse racing, and it’s even harder if you don’t have the time to analyse races properly. Let’s face it, analysing a race requires: Skill Time And even more annoyingly, it takes time to learn the skill. Which means that the primary ingredient is… time. On the Race Advisor we have spent nearly a decade developing …

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Level Stake Betting on Heritage Handicaps

Backing the starting price favourites from August to November in Heritage Handicaps up to one mile in distance over the last three years produced an 88.10% return on investment. That is valuable information as we embark on the turf Flat season and the first race of this nature, the Lincoln at Doncaster. Today, we’re looking at 100 such contests and the outcome …

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Horses After A Layoff, Profitable Or Not?


“I find that horses having their first start after a layoff are worth opposing because most winners are those which raced recently therefore to accept short odds about horses who are statistically less likely to win is madness.” That was a comment left on this post by Bob the other day. This is a great comment, and I thought it …

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Confirming Your Selection For Today


Do you ever find a horse you like and then worry about whether it’s strong enough to warrant a bet? If you’re anything like me, this happens to you on almost a daily basis. In horse racing, we need to confirm your decisions. For example, today’s Free Guest Tip comes from Yard Info, and the selection is: 14:30 Plumpton – …

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Dark Horses

One of the best ways to find winners is to track horses. You used to be able to purchase a ‘dark horses’ book once a year, it’s pages contained the horses which had been tracked over the last year and were worthy of following in the coming year. At the Race Advisor, we call these horses ‘EyeCatchers’ because they’ve caught …

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Inside Racing Data (what you’d never expect!)

Back in 2010, I wrote a series of articles about how to build your own racing database. It was pointed out to me recently, that I’d forgotten to finish it with part four. Part four is about where you should get your racing data from. But the chances are, you haven’t read the first three parts, so this is where you can …

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This could be your golden ticket

As I was walking the dog at 6.30am this morning, I was considering the various things I could write about in the daily newsletter. I had a bunch of ideas, but a conversation with a friend yesterday had me thinking about trainers. Personally, I don’t use trainers much in my analysis, but I know a lot of people who do. …

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All Weather Favourites (the inside track!)

All Weather

2016 was an interesting year for favourites on the All Weather. During last year, they only made a small loss of -1.20% (to Betfair SP after commission), while winning 32.83% of their races. Betting them to place would have generated an even smaller loss of -0.38%, and given you 62.80% winning bets. While we know, from having previously tried, it …

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Weekly Eye-catchers – Horse Racing

horse racing

Arthur Races into National Picture at Warwick There was some good horse racing last Saturday, with the highlight for me being the win of the Lucinda Russell-trained One For Arthur in the Betfred Classic Handicap Chase at Warwick. The race over 3m 5f is a definite test of stamina but even more so when the ground is as soft as …

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Is this a good rule?

Have you ever bought a betting system which tells you to look at the horse’s most recent finish position? I bet you have. Heck, if I dove into all the betting systems I’ve seen over the years, I reckon more than 60% of them would have that rule. But is it a good rule? Does the fact that a horse …

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Did you think I’d forgotten this!

Yesterday I said that I’d write the basics of a staking plan which was explained to me by John Jackson, one of the contributors to the SmartSigger magazine. Don’t worry, I hadn’t forgotten, everything you need to know is below… Let’s start by looking at the favourite 1% staking plan. This is where you stake 1% of your bankroll on …

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The Donkey Ride

When I was young I used to go to Spain with my grandparents, for my summer holidays. One of my favourite day trips was to go up into the mountains and do a donkey ride around Mijas. Back then, I didn’t even know horse racing existed, and if you’d asked me if I thought I could have won a race …

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I hope you read my email yesterday!

Yesterday I shared with you just one of the races that John had horses selected in for his EyeCatchers Pro. These EyeCatchers are horses that you must be following! John had said… 30/12 – Ground looks set to be quick at Taunton and although the mare should win, the going would be of a concern. The Tom George-trained Behind the …

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We’ve Got Your Back (You Wanna Read This Before Racing Begins!)

It can be a lonely road to betting profits. There’s nothing better than solving the puzzle of horse racing betting. But not everybody gets it. Which is totally fine. And that’s why I want to let you know that you aren’t alone on your journey. You’re a part of the Race Advisor family, and we do everything in our power …

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The Dark Horses

Every now and then, a new product comes out called something like ‘The Dark Horses’. Often these cost hundreds of pounds for a single season. And what are they? They’re lists of horses which have shown that they’ve got the potential to run very strongly under certain conditions. You watch these horses until they’re racing in the conditions that suit …

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4 Steps For Winners This Winter

Can you imagine what it would be like to uncover hidden treasures? Heck, for all I know that may be your job. In which case, you have an awesome job! For me, finding hidden treasures in horse racing data is just as exciting. But it’s damn hard. Which I’m sure you’ll know. That’s why I built a special piece of …

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Raiders Of The Lost Bet

Did you ever watch the Indiana Jones movies? I love them! In fact, I have a game on the PS4 (yes I still play computer games when I have a moment) which is all about hunting for hidden treasure. It’s pretty complex and involves a lot of puzzle solving. Kinda like horse racing 🙂 And the best computer to solve …

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