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Book Reviews

Mordin On Time Reviewed

Get Mordin On Time There has been a lot of interest shown in calculating speed figures recently and so it made sense to do a review of one of the leading books in the UK on creating speed figures. There are many books on creating speed figures in the US but, generally, they are based on data that we do …

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Winning Without Thinking – Book Review

Winning Without Thinking is one of Nick Mordin’s books and is designed as a guide to betting systems. It was a book I read very early on when I first started to take my betting seriously. With 21 chapters and just over 300 pages there is certainly a lot of information to take in. Nick Mordin has a very nice …

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The Monthly Book Review – Braddock’s Complete Guide

This is going to be a new feature at the Race Advisor. I have an arsenal of racing literature, some excellent and some not so good. There is always more to read and as you may have guessed I like to read as much as I can. If I can get even the beginning of an idea from a book …

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