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Horse Racing Winners (How To Find Them Fast)

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The selections found inside this video today are:

Date Time Course Name Recommended Odds
17/05/2017 18:25 Bath Attain 2.64
17/05/2017 18:05 Perth Just Before Dawn 1.39
17/05/2017 18:35 Perth Welcome Ben 3.82
17/05/2017 13:40 Yarmouth Farook 1.64

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  1. Hi Michael. Thanks for the video. Why did you change the public odds % to 90 exactly? Should we always change that? Does it depend on time of day? Odds of selection? So far i haven’t been changing it. Is it important that we change it depending on different circumstances? Cheers. Richard

    • Changing the public odds % puts more weight on the public odds than our odds when calculating the final odds. For these selections, because they’re always going to be short priced, the market is likely to be more accurate than us, so I want to give a heavy weight to the market in order to determine a reasonable value and not have the horses value odds much higher than they should be.

      Generally, the 55% is good for anything up the night before or morning of racing, then as you get closer to the race time and more people are placing bets, the market gets more accurate and you can increase the percentage. Usually I wouldn’t put it this high until a few minutes before the race. Leaving it at 55% can find you excellent value in the bookies morning markets before they really know how people are going to bet and when they make the most mistakes in their odds.

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