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Profit - 15%
Ease Of Use - 65%
Cost Effective Ratio - 0%



This service produced a loss during our proofing and so is not recommended by the Race Advisor. It does potentially make a profit from the back bets but we'd need more selections to determine if this was likely to continue.

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Product Name: Oddsonuwin

Author:  John Wilson

Contact Details: jjrw2009@gmail.com

Price: £30.57+VAT per month

Money Back Guarantee: 60 Days

What Do You Get? Horse racing betting selections

Where To Buy:  http://www.raceadvisor.co.uk/s/oddsonuwin/

Brief Summary:  OddsOnUWin is a horse racing advisory service that provides an average of 5 bets per day at average odds of 1.24/1

How Much Money Do I Need To Get Started? A 100 point bankroll is recommended and staking is 1 unit per bet.

How Much Money Can I Make?  Service made a loss during proofing and is not currently recommended.

How Much Time Will I Need To Make This Work? Ten to twenty minutes per day.

Will I Need Any Equipment To Do This? Bookmaker and Betfair accounts, and ability to place bets.

When you join OddsOnUWin you receive a PDF outlining the rules of placing your bets. This guide explains that you will receive the selections each day via email but you must apply the rules in the manual before betting on them. These rules are based on the live markets which is why they cannot be provided with the selections. They are simple and can be applied quickly.

The selections are emailed the night before racing between 5:30pm and 7:30pm but usually around 6:00pm. You want to place the bets as close to the race off as possible but it would be possible to automate this with some of the commercial betting bots available.

Before placing the bets you check that it meets the requirements in the manual and if it does then the selection becomes a bet.

This service provides both back and lay bets, but 60% of the bets will be lays.

We started proofing the selections on the 11th February and were given two months access to proof the selections. We proofed them to all odds types but as Betfair is the recommended place to bet, we shall be focusing the results to Betfair SP for this review.

You need to be able to place your bets just before the race goes off in order to use this system.

To place the selections took between fifteen and thirty minutes a day depending on the number of selections that were available. Of course this was spread out over the duration of the racing day.

During our two months of proofing we found 220 bets of which 101 won for a 45.91% strike rate. As there are both back and lay bets in this service I’m going to break those down further into:

Bet TypeProfitWinsLossesBetsSRROI

As you can see the lay bets produces a loss of -13% while the back bets have produced a profit of 9%. What’s most impressive is that the back bets have won 47% of the time at average odds of 2.47. With an impact value of 1.11 they’re winning 11% more often than we would expect them to.

Unfortunately over the two month proofing this service made a loss, as you can see below.

Overall Results


The profit of 9.54 units made on the back bets would average 4.77 units profit per month. This would mean that to make our minimum £100 per month after the cost of £36.68 (£30.57+VAT) you would need to be placing bets of £29. With the suggested 100 unit bankroll this would mean a starting bankroll of £2900. However, our own analysis indicates that a bankroll of 23 units would be the minimum required reducing the starting bankroll to just £290.

Overall the OddsOnUWin service has produced a loss, albeit small, based on their suggested method of betting. While a profit was made to back bets we would need at least 100 winning back bets to determine if this is likely to continue. This means that at the moment this product is not recommended by the Race Advisor.

Individual Selection Results

Date/TimeCourseHorseBet TypeBSPFinish PositionProfit
11/2/2014 13:50:00AyrStonebrookLay181.17%1-0.81
11/2/2014 14:00:00Southwell (A.W)MondlichtBack2.0714111.02
11/2/2014 15:25:00AyrShe Ranks MeLay1.8Fell0.95
12/2/2014 14:00:00Lingfield (A.W)Exclusive WatersBack2.363812-1
12/2/2014 14:10:00MusselburghFennell BayLay1.769971-0.77
13/02/2014 13:55KelsoRainbow PeakLay1.4620.95
13/02/2014 15:55KelsoLong RunLay1.421-0.42
13/02/2014 16:25KelsoHarbour CourtLay1.65Unseated Rider0.95
13/02/2014 16:40LeicesterShy JohnLay1.790461-0.79
13/02/2014 18:10Kempton (A.W)Bishop Of RuscombeBack2.234272-1
14/02/2014 13:15FakenhamSlaney StarLay2.9886620.95
14/02/2014 13:45FakenhamSpirit OscarLay1.8779720.95
14/02/2014 15:40Lingfield (A.W)Duelling DragonBack3.220575-1
14/02/2014 16:30FakenhamRons DreamLay1.332961-0.33
14/02/2014 16:45Lingfield (A.W)Late Night MarkBack2.341832-1
14/02/2014 19:15Dundalk (A.W)Strategic HeightsBack3.6946512.56
14/02/2014 20:05Wolverhampton (A.W)BrownsvilleBack2.091453-1
14/02/2014 20:15Dundalk (A.W)BosstimeLay1.4255620.95
14/02/2014 21:15Dundalk (A.W)GretzkyLay1.8095720.95
15/02/2014 13:40Lingfield (A.W)Monsieur LaveneBack2.311.24
15/02/2014 13:50Gowran ParkFollowmeuptocarlowBack2.267312-1
15/02/2014 14:05AscotGevrey ChambertinLay2.71989Pulled Up0.95
15/02/2014 16:05HaydockOscar RockBack2.554543-1
15/02/2014 16:15WincantonTidal DanceBack3.055873-1
16/02/2014 13:30Kempton (A.W)BringithomemintyLay4.81-3.8
16/02/2014 13:50Market RasenDeadly StingBack2.634784-1
16/02/2014 14:10NavanZaidpourLay2.3522320.95
16/02/2014 15:20Market RasenKilcooleyBack2.8611.77
16/02/2014 15:45NavanFoxrockBack1.7110.67
16/02/2014 16:05Kempton (A.W)Civil WarLay4.34730.95
17/02/2014 15:45Wolverhampton (A.W)Coillte CailinBack2.92-1
17/02/2014 17:15Wolverhampton (A.W)Arabian MusicBack2.3930211.32
18/02/2014 15:00Southwell (A.W)TurnbuckleBack2.4211.35
18/02/2014 15:55WetherbyFine RightlyLay1.826111-0.83
18/02/2014 16:30WetherbyMassenaLay1.605811-0.61
18/02/2014 16:40Southwell (A.W)NoguchiBack2.6611.58
18/02/2014 17:00WetherbyLady ButtonsLay2.021-1.02
19/02/2014 13:45DoncasterStellar NotionLay2.0082620.95
19/02/2014 14:20DoncasterHolywellLay1.962151-0.96
19/02/2014 14:50DoncasterPearl CastleLay1.781-0.78
19/02/2014 16:25DoncasterPalypso De CreekBack2.6411.56
19/02/2014 17:10PunchestownWhat Lies AheadLay1.971-0.97
19/02/2014 17:15LudlowRegal DiamondLay1.95Pulled Up0.95
19/02/2014 20:25Kempton (A.W)BeylerbeyBack4.89-1
20/02/2014 14:00SedgefieldPersian HeraldLay2.9830.95
20/02/2014 14:20AyrTitus BoltLay1.833631-0.83
20/02/2014 14:30SedgefieldVieux Lion RougeLay1.579341-0.58
20/02/2014 15:10HuntingdonShotavodkaLay1.391-0.39
20/02/2014 15:40HuntingdonCarraig MorLay1.7130.95
20/02/2014 15:45ClonmelDaliyanBack2.3312711.26
20/02/2014 16:10HuntingdonPrincess CaetaniLay1.5867830.95
20/02/2014 16:20AyrOil BurnerBack2.617963-1
20/02/2014 16:40HuntingdonCertain FlightLay21-1
20/02/2014 17:20AyrFlying EagleLay1.7520.95
21/02/2014 14:00Lingfield (A.W)MatraashBack3.297155-1
21/02/2014 15:15ThurlesIsleofhopendreamsLay1.971-0.97
21/02/2014 15:20ExeterAstigosBack2.253426-1
21/02/2014 16:15ThurlesCaoimhe’s DelightLay220.95
21/02/2014 17:45Dundalk (A.W)Strategic HeightsLay1.953811-0.95
21/02/2014 19:15Dundalk (A.W)CirclingLay1.7196920.95
21/02/2014 20:45Dundalk (A.W)Cristy’s CallBack3.117623-1
22/02/2014 14:00FairyhouseBeluckyagainLay1.631-0.63
22/02/2014 15:45FairyhouseSi C’Etait VraiLay1.582281-0.58
22/02/2014 16:05Lingfield (A.W)MbhaliBack2.374323-1
22/02/2014 16:45ChepstowBinge DrinkerLay1.729351-0.73
22/02/2014 16:55KemptonClondaw BankerBack2.072743-1
23/02/2014 15:25NaasVicky De L’OasisLay2.9488620.95
23/02/2014 16:10TowcesterSon Of SuzieBack2.4845211.41
23/02/2014 16:20FontwellRichard’s SundanceBack2.3417111.27
23/02/2014 17:20FontwellOtago TrailBack2.324811.26
26/02/2014 15:20WincantonOpera OgBack3.23-1
26/02/2014 16:20WincantonDorry KLay3.420.95
26/02/2014 19:50Kempton (A.W)EmellLay3.8914750.95
27/02/2014 15:25ThurlesCadspeedLay3.451-2.45
27/02/2014 19:00Kempton (A.W)Mimi LukeBack2.66862-1
28/02/2014 14:00Lingfield (A.W)SahariaBack2.677092-1
28/02/2014 14:50NewburyUmberto D’OlivateBack1.6717110.64
28/02/2014 16:35NewburyBincombeBack1.841210.8
28/02/2014 16:55DoncasterKing Of The WoldsBack2.613564-1
1/3/2014 14:35:00NavanDrumleeLay1.971281-0.97
1/3/2014 15:15:00NewburyTiqrisLay2.42554Brought Down0.95
1/3/2014 17:25:00KelsoTartan SnowBack2.257523-1
2/3/2014 14:00:00HuntingdonAttwaalBack2.5714811.49
2/3/2014 14:20:00LeopardstownShamsikhanBack2.824394-1
2/3/2014 14:30:00HuntingdonRatifyBack2.1297511.07
2/3/2014 15:50:00LeopardstownMoscow MannonBack2.086972-1
2/3/2014 16:40:00SedgefieldTokyo JavilexBack1.9510710.9
2/3/2014 17:00:00HuntingdonPiccadilly CircusBack3.668626-1
3/3/2014 14:00:00SouthwellLord NavitsBack1.4311510.41
3/3/2014 14:30:00SouthwellGalway JackBack2.8340611.74
4/3/2014 14:30:00ExeterMassannieBack2.294472-1
4/3/2014 14:40:00Southwell (A.W)Stand GuardBack1.9829110.93
4/3/2014 14:50:00NewcastleMr SupremeBack2.486983-1
4/3/2014 15:20:00NewcastleBe Bop BoruBack2.0410.99
4/3/2014 15:50:00NewcastleRhymers StoneBack3.0727811.97
4/3/2014 16:00:00ExeterCapoteBack2.0643111.01
4/3/2014 16:20:00NewcastleWild CardLay1.7447720.95
4/3/2014 16:30:00ExeterRevaaderBack2.25149Fell-1
4/3/2014 16:50:00NewcastleClondaw FlickaBack2.258132-1

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Review Overview

Profit - 15%
Ease Of Use - 65%
Cost Effective Ratio - 0%



This service produced a loss during our proofing and so is not recommended by the Race Advisor. It does potentially make a profit from the back bets but we'd need more selections to determine if this was likely to continue.

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