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Top Horse Racing Gambling Systems – Winning Favourites

Guest post written by Paul Micelli Irrespective of whether a gambler is placing wagers on a casual basis or at a more serious level, betting systems have always been a source of debate and controversy. Indeed, the gambling world still remains divided over the true value of using systems to pick winners in horse racing events and for much of …

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Greyhounds – Race Distances

If you haven’t read the first two parts of this series then you should read about Predicting The Results and The Tracks first. Today we are going to be taking a look at the race distances in greyhound racing. Effectively there are four different distances that greyhounds race over. In the UK an abbreviated letter is always shown before the …

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Bookmakers and their Odds!

Guest post written by Paul Micelli Why do Odds Change? If a sporting event takes place where the majority of bets are made on one particular outcome, the bookmaker will change the odds accordingly in order to keep their margin we discussed above and to manage their risk. If an equally-rated football match saw both teams starting at 10/11 but …

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