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When Do You Decide To Stop Betting

I recently started a discussion on a forum about when the optimum time is to stop betting if things aren’t going right for you. It has been interesting to see the opinions of others and find out what they do.  This is a topic that is seldom talked about but is every bit as important as knowing when to place …

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1000 Points In One Year Of Laying, Is It Possible?

I had an email from a reader after writing the article on ‘How Important Are Recent Finish Positions’ suggesting the possibility of using this as the basis of a lay system. I thought that we would investigate this today using estimated Betfair prices to assess the profitability of the lay bets. In the last article we discovered that when betting …

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How Important Are Recent Finish Positions

You hear a lot of articles and systems discussing how you should always look at a horses most recent races as a major factor in assessing the chances of the horse winning. In this article we are going to look into this theory and see whether it is true or false and to what degree. We will be looking at …

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