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The Triple Ability Rating

These ratings were not invented by me but Glen, one of our readers, who has asked me if I would put together a spreadsheet based around them and share it with the community. ** IMPORTANT NOTE** I made a mistake in the second screenshot. The number 2 (circle in red) is not what you are looking for. You should not …

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A Completed System Review and Two Beginning

Guest article written by the Betting System Guru! The Full Circle System – Reviewer Sgt Dave The Full Circle System by Breon Rawlings is being distributed by Sportsworld Publishing for the cost of 95 pounds, a tipping service is also available for 40 pounds. The system rules are an easy 7 stage process which uses the Racing Post and Sporting …

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Betting System Testing Results

Guest article written by the Betting System Guru! Each month we shall be bringing you the latest updates from the systems that we are testing. All the figures quoted below cover the period July 5th to July 18th inclusive. Betfair Pirate – Reviewer Sgt Marc Not a good period for the service with 10 losing days out of 14 and …

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A Review Of The Reviewers

Today I would like to get your opinions. There are many betting system sellers and there are also many websites who test these systems. It is of course important to have people testing and reviewing the systems but who they are and is their opinion worth listening to? As far as I know there has never been a review of …

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