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The Weekly Profit Puller

Eddies copy

Welcome to the Weekly Profit Puller. This is where I’m going to look at various products or services and delve a little deeper into how they work and how best to use them. Today we are focusing on the Racing Dossier. This piece of software enables the user to use various ratings that can not only speed up the process of analysing ... Read More »

The Weekly Profit Puller

Eddies copy

Welcome to the Weekly Profit Puller. This is where I’m going to look at various products or services and delve a little deeper into how they work and how best to use them. Today we are focusing on the Racing Dossier. This piece of software enables the user to use various ratings that can not only speed up the process of analysing ... Read More »

All Weather Racing Statistics For 2014

All Weather Racing Statistics 2014

Back in 2010 I wrote this post about All Weather Racing statistics. I’ve had a number of requests to update it and so, I thought that I would do this today. To do this I’m going to use data from 2013 and then I’ll test it on the data currently available from 2014. In 2013 there was All Weather racing at Dundalk, Kempton, Lingfield, ... Read More »

A Method For The Monte Carlo Manifest

A Method For The Monte Carlo Manifest Feature

At the end of 2013 I made the Monte Carlo Manifest as a gift to you for reading my blog. If you haven’t had a chance to download it yet, then you can grab it here. The name of this software is the key to what it does. It uses a technique known as a monte carlo simulation to determine ... Read More »

Creating Odds Lines – Episode 4 Power Ratings

If you haven’t had a chance to read past articles about creating odds line then you can find out… Episode 1 – Creating Odds Lines Episode 2 – Fuzzy Logic Episode 3 – Multinomial Regression Today we are going to be moving into episode 4 and how to use power ratings. Although this isn’t strictly odds line creation, it’s a ... Read More »

Has My Horse Been Improving?

It is not so much whether our selections have been improving, but more whether they have not been in significant decline. It is going to be a rare occasion that we want to bet on a horse who has been showing significant decline. After all, horses in a significant decline seldom win! Today I’m going to show you how you ... Read More »

What Is A Horse Racing Rating?

Ratings are a very mis-understood medium in betting. They are however exceptionally powerful if used correctly. Today I want to make sure that you don’t fall into the biggest trap that most punters do when using ratings. You cannot get away from ratings in horse racing. They are part and parcel of what horse racing is. If you look at ... Read More »

Creating Odds Lines – Episode 1

For most punters creating their own odds line is considered as a sign that you are at the top of your game. It shows that you have an understanding of value betting and are advanced enough to be able to create an accurate odds lines that can be used as a baseline measurement for determining your bets. But how do ... Read More »

Why Speed Ratings Are Powerful

Recently I launched a piece of software called Betting Speed Evolution, which not only finds winners on auto-selection but is also a speed based analysis tool. So, I thought that it would be appropriate to write an article about why speed ratings are so powerful. In the UK it’s commonly thought that speed ratings are only effective on the flat ... Read More »

Top Ten Horse Racing Websites

About a year ago I wrote the first post outlining the top ten horse racing websites at the time. You can see that post at I thought that it was about time to take a new look at the top ten websites online. Times change and while some of the sites are the same, there are 4 new ones ... Read More »

Using Different Ratings Is Good!

Following on from last weeks article, I thought we could continue down the path of ratings. Specifically why we shouldn’t use the same rating in all races! It is very easy to get used to using just a single rating for all the races that you look at. In fact, the way the major online racing sites such as the ... Read More »

Why Top Rated Is Not Necessarily Best

It is human nature to think that the top rated is the best. Usually the top rated is the largest numerical figure. In horse racing different horses may be top rated in different factors. This would indicate that different horses have strengths in different areas, a logical assumption. However as soon as you begin to look at ratings from a ... Read More »

The Truth About Ratings

I have no doubt that you have seen ratings before. As sports bettors we find that ratings enter into our lives on a daily basis. It doesn’t matter what your sport is, you open the paper and there is a rating of some form. The most obvious example is horse racing and the Official Rating (also known as the OR). ... Read More »

Soccer Betting Statistics

Guest post written by AM One of the things that distinguish soccer among other sports is the fluidity and dynamic nature of the game. It is a team game. The success or failure of the whole team has to be the collective effort of the 11 first team players and reserves. Players improve and dwindle, teams acquire players, teams sell ... Read More »

The Only Way to Beat the System Is To Use the System

Guest post written by Paul Micelli The concept of the handicapping system used in the horse racing industry can at times appear quite baffling, and to the novice punter, it can seem to be beyond the grasp of even an aspiring Einstein. However, the handicapping system can help users reap modest to big rewards if they do their homework correctly. ... Read More »

Mordin On Time Reviewed

Mordin On Time

Get Mordin On Time There has been a lot of interest shown in calculating speed figures recently and so it made sense to do a review of one of the leading books in the UK on creating speed figures. There are many books on creating speed figures in the US but, generally, they are based on data that we do ... Read More »

Ratings Pro Spreadsheet

Today you are getting access to a new spreadsheet that I have just made. A reader, The Wiz, requested this and you can download the spreadsheet here. This rating system was not devised by myself, but I have made the spreadsheet based on The Wiz’s rules for anyone who wishes to use it. With the introduction finished, let’s get to how ... Read More »

The Superior Ratings System

Today I would like to write the rules to the Superior Ratings System which was kindly donated by Stephen. This system is for Flat Handicap races only and finds only one selection per day. Initially we start by dividing all race courses into 4 different groups. These groupings are: GROUP 1 Ascot,  Epsom,  Goodwood,  Newmarket,  York GROUP 2 Ayr,  Chester,  ... Read More »

Greyhounds – Predicting the Results

I must start this series of articles off by saying that greyhounds are not my specialist area, that is horse racing, but I know a few people who are specialists. Unfortunately I was unable to persuade them to write articles for us but they have provided me with a lot of information about greyhounds. Since a number of you have ... Read More »

The Dosage Method – The Alternative Analysis Tool Part Two

Guest post written by Ben Aitken from The Betting School In part two, you can read part one by clicking here, of my introduction to Dosage series I’m going to explain to you how Dosage is calculated and exactly what the terms DP, DI, CD and DPA stand for. How is Dosage calculated? In order to better understand Dosage figures it ... Read More »

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