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How We Proof

The Race Advisor is one of the largest independent proofers of horse racing services. Here you can see the results of every tipster that we proof. We are different to other proofing websites because the tipsters don’t enter their selections into the system. They add us to their service, as you would be when you join, and we then enter their selections into the proofing system. By doing this you can be sure that…

  • The selections are genuinely sent to everyone
  • The selections are sent before racing
  • The results you see here are the ones you will be getting

The proofing is currently done to SP, Betfair SP, Advised Odds and Best Odds Guaranteed (BOG). Each morning the results of the tipsters are updated with the previous days selections. Please note that sometimes we do not receive the Betfair SP for 24-48 hours after racing.

Their are a variety of options that you can choose such as Time Frame, Odds Type, Staking Type and Bet Type. By default all proofing is set to show for the results for the last 30 days to SP. The different time frames Monthly, Quarterly, Bi-Yearly and Yearly mean the following…

  • Last 30 Days = Last 30 Days
  • Quarterly = Last 90 Days
  • Bi-Yearly = Last 180 Days
  • Yearly = Last 360 Days
  • Monthly = Specific month chosen from drop down list
  • All Time Checkbox = When using Monthly option you can see how a tipster performed for a specific month across multiple years by selecting this box

Please note that we proof over 10,000 selections every month and while we aim to be 100% accurate, occasionally a data entry error may occur. Please contact us if you have any questions about our proofing.


  1. I would like to send my selections for proofing.

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