At last - a successful gambler reveals an easy-to-use, 5-step way of making a value 'book' or betting 'tissue'...

If You're Tired Of Losing Money To The Bookmaker -

I'll Show You A Proven Way To Copy Successful Gamblers...

"There's only one way to win money from gambling - and it's not by following the herd. If you want to copy the professionals, I'll show you how, and you can start as early as tomorrow!"

Dear Fellow Bettor,

Would you like to discover the secrets of how to back 25-1, 20-1, and 16-1 winners, instead of backing short-priced favourites that lose you money?

If you would, then you need to read this letter all the way through, because I'm about to reveal to you how you can use value to take on the bookmaker.

Proven Methods That Work...

If you've been losing money to bookmakers over the years, you've probably been wondering why. Even though you're studying the form, distance, going, jockeys, trainers, etc. - you still find it hard to make a profit from betting.

You're doing everything right, so why are you still losing money?

Well, the reason is simple - you're losing because the bookmaker's odds have been stacked against you. The bookies have been giving you shorter odds than the true odds, and by taking those odds, you're guaranteed to lose...

Just Like 98% Of Other Punters

The truth is, if you want to win, you have to copy successful professional gamblers who've been using 'value' to make a very good living from the bookies for decades.

If you're interested in discovering the pro's secrets, I'll show you exactly what to do to turn your betting life around.

But, before we go any further, let me ask you these three questions:

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    Are you sick of losing money to the bookmakers every year?
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    Are you tired of subscribing to racing services and 'hyped up' systems that don't work?
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    Do you want to discover how the professionals make money from racing?

If you said “Yes” to any of the above three questions, and you want to win money from the bookmaker, then you need to change how you bet.

You should do one thing, above all else:

You need to make your own 'book' or betting 'tissue'

Value betting is the key to making a profit from the bookmakers and the 'exchanges' like Betfair and Betdaq, and it's essential to making a profit from gambling.

That's why I only bet when I'm getting value, and if you want to make a profit from the bookmaker, so should you.

Let me introduce myself. My name is X and I'm a successful gambler. For years I've made my own value 'book' and, because of that, I've made money from the bookmakers.

But, I wasn't always so successful. I used to be like 98% of punters, and regularly lost money betting on horses. No matter what I tried, and I tried everything – I just couldn't win.

I was an absolute betting failure, and I couldn't figure out why.

But, I was determined to work it out. I knew there was a better way, and I knew there were people out there who made a good living from betting. The only problem was; I didn't know how they did it.

Then, one day at York racecourse, I was introduced to a professional gambler and he told me how he made a value betting 'book'. Later, I met some more pros, and they also showed me how they made a book.

That's when it all changed, and I started winning. And, because of what they showed me, I've been winning ever since.

When those professional gamblers showed me how they made their own betting 'tissue', I was sceptical at first. I doubted their techniques could make me money.

But, when I put into practice what they showed me, I finally understood how the pros did it. More importantly, I stopped losing - and I started winning.

I finally understood how bookmakers make a profit, and how I could use value to 'turn the tables' on them.

How Do Bookmakers Make Money?

For those of you wondering how the bookies always seem to win - here's how they do it:

They make a 'book' on an event (a horse race, Formula 1 race, football match, general election, etc.) and shorten the odds so they pay out less than they should when someone wins a bet with them.

They price the odds in a way that gives them a profit whatever the outcome of that event.

That's the theory, anyway. Unluckily for the bookie, they have a weak spot: they have to price up every event and offer odds on it.

But, the canny bettor doesn't have to bet.

The smart bettor bets only when the odds are in their favour. That's what I do and that's what you will discover how to do after reading my manual.

Once you understand how to exploit this weak spot, you can then profit from it. Many times a day. Week after week... month after month... year after year.

Now, with my manual you can take advantage of the bookie's mistakes... every single day.

If I could show you how to make a punter's 'book' to back valuebets to take on the bookmakers... would you be interested?

If the answer to that question is YES, then you need to read my manual – it shows you exactly how to make a value book of your own.

Why Should You Make Your Own Book?

Because it's how all professional gamblers make a profit from betting. If you want to make money from racing like they do, you need to know which horses in the race are value bets.

Professional gamblers make a very good living from racing year after year by doing one thing:

They make a profit by backing horses at value odds,
and ignoring the horses that are poor value.

Yes, it's as simple as that, and it's the only way to win against the bookmaker. Forget picking short-priced runners, handicapping, following in-form stables, favourite jockeys, and other methods that don't work.

There's only ONE guaranteed way to make money from gambling - and that's by betting at larger odds than the true odds. When you think about it, you'll realise it's a simple mathematical fact, and an undeniable truth.

It's the logical truth that most bettors don't understand - that's why they lose. And the only proven way to regularly bet at larger odds than the true odds is to make your own book.

Anything else is just 'pie-in-the-sky'

Most sharp gamblers, once they learn how bookmakers odds work, realise this as a fact of life. Once they learn about 'value', it all becomes clear.

It's as though the scales have been lifted from their eyes.

Because of that, on every racing forum I've ever read, there's always a large group of people asking the same question:

“How do I work out value bets by making
my own 'book' or betting 'tissue'?"

That's a great question, and if you want to make a profit from gambling, it's probably the most important question you'll ever ask. It can mean the difference between winning and losing.

The Only Way To Win

The people asking how to make their own betting tissue are the brighter ones. They've worked out that value betting is the only way to make money from betting in the long term. But, there's one big problem:

They don't know where to start

Unfortunately, I what it's like - I've been in the same position.

Where do you look for information? The library? Racing and sport magazines? The internet? Unfortunately not. I searched for a long time to find details of how to make a value book, without success.

I know how frustrating it is. No matter where you look, there's not enough detail you can use to make your own book.

If you think the internet will have all the information for you - good luck with that.

Recently, I searched online through thousands of web pages and there just wasn't enough information I could use.

When you go online, 'value' is often mentioned and sometimes explained, but you're never shown exactly how to make your own book. The actual 'nuts and bolts' of how to do it aren't revealed, and you're never shown how to 'price up' a race in a practical way.

Ask The Professionals

It can be frustrating and, if you don't know what you're doing, it can cost you a lot of wasted time and money. I know, because I tried to make my own betting tissue myself, and lost money.

But, I was determined to find a way of doing it.

It was only after months of failing I realised I was looking for information in the wrong place, and I was listening to the wrong people.

Instead of listening to every Tom, Dick and Harry with an opinion, I should have been asking the people who use value every day of their lives:

Professional gamblers

The pros were the only people I should have been copying. They make their own value book every day and make a very good living from betting. I knew if I could copy what they did, I would finally have a way of making my own betting tissue.

When I was lucky enough to meet a professional at York races, then other pros at different racecourses around the country, it all started to make sense to me.

When the pros talked – I listened. I took a two ears, one mouth approach, and I learned a lot. What I picked up from them was how rating a race is important, and how to calculate 'value' so you could make a profit.

It was a real 'eye opener'. They confirmed what I knew all along:

Betting at value odds is the key to being a successful gambler

After that, I contacted an 'egghead' mathematician friend of mine, and told him about the pros methods. I also asked him to put together an easy-to-use, 'short-cut' way of making a value book.

We worked on this method for months until we had a way of turning accurate ratings into a value betting 'tissue' that would take only 10 minutes per race to work out.

'The Alpha System Formula' was born.

You Have To Make Your Own Book

What I learned from the professionals was this: if you want to copy the pros and take on the bookmakers, you have to make your own book. Yes, if you want to make a profit from betting, there's no way around it.

Unfortunately for the average punter, they can't find out how to do it. This information isn't found on the internet or in any magazine – let's face it, these private 'tips of the trade' seldom are.

No, these 'insider' methods are kept quiet, and 99% of the betting public have no idea they exist or how to use them – that's why they keep losing money.

The bottom line is - you have to listen to successful people if you want to take on the bookie and win. What the pros showed me really opened my eyes about exactly how they make a living from betting.

After a long search, I'd finally discovered the key to unlocking the secrets of profitable betting... and it worked. As I found out when I tried using these methods for myself.

Even better - when my mathematician friend came up with his own quick and easy-to-use method, it made it even easier.

This Information Is Hard To Find

Because this information is so hard to find, unless you talk to professional gamblers around the country, you probably won't be able to discover it yourself. It's a bit of a 'closed shop' and it's hard for any outsiders to break into.

The pros tend to keep this sort of information 'under wraps'. But, if you show a genuine interest, they'll explain to you how they do it.

That's what happened with me: they showed me enough so I could understand the basics. I'm glad they did, otherwise I'd still be stuck trying to work it out for myself.

If you're trying to do it yourself, you'll struggle - it's not easy to get it right.

But don't take my word for it - try it for yourself and see how you get on. Set aside a few hours and go through racing books, racing publications, or the thousands of web pages on 'value betting'.

If you do, be prepared for a lot of hard work. Even if you're lucky enough to get the basics right, it might still take you hours of practice to 'price up' a race accurately.

Unfortunately, without the right method, it's hard to make your own book. The problem is, no-one has come up with a reliable way of calculating value that can be used by the average punter in the street. And, more importantly, a way of doing it that doesn't take 8 hours a day to work out.

That's why the maths 'egghead' and I came up with The Value Book Formula. It's a 5-step method that gives the average punter the knowledge of how to make their own betting tissue, just like the elite bettors.

After reading my manual, you'll know how to take free Racing Post ratings, and turn them into a value book for any qualifying race.

The Man Who Won Over £900,000 From One Race Meeting

It's a well-known fact that all professional gamblers including the more famous backers like JP McManus and Patrick Veitch have used value betting to make a very good living from racing over the years.

To prove my point, take a look at the quote below from Terry Ramsden talking about how the legendary gambler and owner JP McManus makes a book before having a bet:

“He will price up the race himself before the markets open...
if he can't get the price he wants, he won't even have a penny on,
no matter how much of a good thing he thinks the horse is."

That's a great quote about a successful gambler who has made a fortune from betting. It shows how important value is to him when he's working out his bets.

Yes, JP makes his own book, as does every successful gambler alive today.

If you doubt the importance of value, you might want to re-read the above paragraph in blue again. Don't forget, JP's the man who won over £900,000 at the Cheltenham festival in 2006 and has made millions from betting on the sport over the years.

Yes, you read that right. He made £900,000 from one race meeting!

McManus himself says that the secret to winning is VALUE, and when someone as successful as JP talks about betting, it's wise to take note. In fact, you'd be a fool not to.

Once you realise it's the only way to make your betting pay, you're on your way to becoming a successful punter.

A Basic Value Price In Just 10 Minutes

To make value a part of your betting process, you have to make your own book or betting tissue. There's no way around it. In fact, it's essential.

Why? Because when you make your own book, you can tell which horses should be backed and which should be left alone. Yes, there's some maths involved, but with my method you can use a cheap £3 supermarket calculator to work out a basic value price in just 10 minutes per race.

Imagine yourself making a book and using value to work out your bets. This is something sharp punters have been searching for for years.

How often have you read about professional gamblers making money from the bookmakers, and wished you had an insight into their little-known techniques?

Now, thanks to The Alpha System, you can discover them for yourself. It shows the average man on the street how to make their own value book to take on the bookies.

But, because of the nature of the information, I will have to put a limit on how many I sell, and remove it from the market when the last manual is sold.

This is for your sake and mine - we want the odds to stay high for us. If too many people know about this, it could kill the 'golden goose' and we don't want that.

Tried And Tested

You might be wondering why should you listen to me about value betting...

Well, first, the bad news: I don't have any connections in the racing industry, I don't own any racehorses, and I'm no genius.

Many years ago I also lost thousands of pounds betting on racing until I discovered how to make a value book. The only thing I knew about value at the time was watching John McCrirrick on 'Channel 4 Racing'.

Having said that, let me tell you why I'm the best possible person to show you how to use value in your betting:

  • check
    If I can make money backing horses, so can you. It doesn't take a degree in maths to use this method, and it won't take you 8 hours every day to work out your bets - you can make a basic value book for each qualifying race in just 10 minutes!
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    My method isn't just theory. It's been tried and tested in the 'trenches' of the betting market by an ordinary person, and has found big winners in hundreds of races year after year.
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    It uses the pure logic of simple maths to help you succeed, and I've made it as efficient as I can by testing it out over and over again until it worked.
  • My method isn't just theory. It's been tried and tested in the 'trenches' of the betting market by an ordinary person, and has found big winners in hundreds of races year after year.

  • In short, it shows you how you can stop backing short-priced favourites that lose, and how to win using value. When you read my manual and discover how to do it, you'll be backing the 25-1, 20-1 and 16-1 winners, just like the pros.

    You don't have to be a maths 'wizard' like JP McManus, or have the brain of a financial trader like Dave Nevison. My formula means you can use a simple calculator to make your own basic value book in just 10 minutes.

    Using The Alpha System, you'll be able to make a betting tissue on every qualifying race in the UK and Ireland. I lay out every step for you so you can find the large-priced winners for yourself.

    Yes, if you're lucky enough to grab one of the remaining few copies of my manual, and agree not to share it, I guarantee that I will show you how to make your own value book.

    Stack The Odds In Your Favour

    Trust me, I've done everything in order to find winners: I've backed favourites and odds-on shots, the top-rated in handicaps, trainers in form, jockey and trainer combinations…

    You name it, I've tried it - and lost.

    Because bookmakers make a 'book' to price up a race, I knew
    I needed a method that produced a punter's 'book'
    to beat them at their own game.

    It took the 'egghead' and I months to piece the puzzle together.

    After months of work, testing, and then using the formula 'live', we realised we'd 'cracked it' when it picked winners at 14-1, 9-1, and 9-2 in one day. Yes, there were losers, but the winners more than made up for them.

    That was just the beginning, and it's produced a lot more winners at large prices over the years.

    Winners At 28-1, 25-1, 20-1, 16-1, 14-1, 12-1, 11-1, 10-1... and more

    You could bet every value horse in every race if you wanted to, but that would mean betting on 30 - 60 horses a day. You'd have wild swings in your bankroll, and your bookie would limit your bets in a few weeks, or maybe a few days.

    I don't recommend you do that.

    A much better idea is to use your own method to 'narrow down' which horses to back using which ever criteria you prefer: form, the going, course and distance wins, weight, the top five in the handicap, the top five in the betting, etc.

    It's your choice.

    Once you've narrowed down your selections, and worked out which horses are value using my formula, you'll be doing it like the professionals. When you use value in picking your selections, you're stacking the odds in your favour.

    You'll be copying the pros by using maths and logic to work out your bets.

    Doesn't that make more sense than using
    tired old systems that don't work?

    Some people think that pro gamblers are lucky, but luck has nothing to do with it. When you use the methods in my manual, you'll realise there's no such thing as luck to a successful gambler.

    I'm going to show you how successful gamblers use value, not luck to make money from the bookies year after year. Let's face it - if you want to win, you have to bet smarter than the bookmaker.

    A Bookies Worst Nightmare

    Over the years, I've had plenty of accounts 'restricted' or closed by the bookies for backing long-odds winners. They don't seem to like people betting at value prices.

    Yes, if you are a winning bettor, the bookmakers will limit your bets or close your accounts. However, there is some good news on the bookie front - things have got a whole lot better:

    The good news is - now you don't need the bookmakers, because you can use the 'exchanges' like Betfair and Betdaq. With my method, you can place your bets with them if you prefer.

    With the exchange sites you can make a profit, and you'll never be stopped or 'restricted' from betting. In fact, they want you to win, as they take a small commission when you do.

    Another bonus is that you can get much larger odds with the exchanges than the bookmakers offer you.

    Looking back, it's no wonder the bookies restricted my bets or closed my accounts. I've had winners at 28-1, 25-1, 20-1, 16-1, 14-1, 12-1, 11-1, 10-1, etc., all the way down to 2-1 (I don't bet at odds shorter than 2-1). And yes, these winners were ALL clear value bets.

    Bet When The Odds Are In Your Favour

    By using The Alpha System, you'll be able to spot these large-priced value winners every week. You'll become a bookies worst nightmare - someone who only bets when the odds are in your favour.

    You'll be on the 'steamers' before they 'steam', and you'll be able to pick the large-odds 'gambles' before the big money comes in for them. With my method, you'll have the ability to pick these horses for yourself without paying big money to tipsters.

    After years of giving the bookmakers your money, it feels good to turn the tables on them by using value.

    Why not try it yourself?

    There's nothing like this on the market today. I know, because before the 'egghead' and I came up with The Alpha System ,I searched high and low for years, without success. Try searching for the information yourself, online or offline. It's almost impossible.

    This method of making a book isn't common knowledge to the every-day punter. The people who know about it have kept it 'hush-hush' for obvious reasons.

    There's no big conspiracy, it's just that people with this inside knowledge have kept it to themselves. They don't want the average punter knowing how to make a book.

    You can understand why, can't you? Successful punters rely on these methods to make their living from racing. If too many people started to make their own book and started backing value horses, it would shorten the odds and lower their profits.

    A Limited Number Available

    That's why there's a strict limit on how many copies I'm going to sell. For obvious reasons, I'm restricting how many copies are sold, and it's going to be taken down when those numbers are reached.

    Judging by the reaction I've had, it won't be long before they're all gone.

    And, when the last one is sold, that's it. I will remove it from the market, and you will have missed your chance - for good.

    The last copy might go today, or tomorrow, but when it does, I will close it down. There can't be too many people knowing how to do this, for your sake and mine.

    If you've always wanted to know how to make your own value book, you need to act fast - you won't get another chance like this to discover how the pros do it.

    When you own my manual, you'll know something that more than 99.9% of punters out there don't – the secrets of how to make your own book.

    That's why it will only be available for a short time to a group of bettors who understand its true value. People who understand the importance of making a book, and how you can use those principles yourself to make a profit from betting.

    If you've never backed a 28-1, 25-1, 20-1 or even a 16-1 winner, then it might be a good idea to learn how to make your own book.

    Yes, you'll have to put some work into it, but the good news is; the more work you put in, the more money you'll make.

    The 'egghead' and I spent months analysing how professionals make a betting tissue.

    Using that knowledge, we've produced a method that even a novice can use to make their own book.

    Best of all, you can start using it as early as tomorrow.

    Recent Winners

    To list all the winners my method has picked over the years would take up hundreds of pages of results, but let's look at a recent big meeting, and see how it did.

    Cheltenham 2017

    Cheltenham 2017 wasn't a great meeting for punters. But it was if you were using The Alpha System.

    Over the four days of the meeting there were winners at 25-1 (Labaik - early price 40-1), 16-1 (Tiger Roll), 14-1 (Willoughby Court – early price 16-1), 11-1 (Special Tiara – early price 20-1), and 10-1 (Nichols Canyon – early price 12-1).

    In addition to the above winners at large prices, there were others at 7-2 (Apples Jade – early price 4-1), 7-2 (Might Bite), 5-2 (Defi Du Seuil) and 7-4 (Un De Sceaux – early price 5-2) over the course of the meeting.

    That meant that if you used The Alpha System, and backed every horse it highlighted, you would have made a profit of 53 points to one point level stakes.

    Amazingly, that was just using the basic method, without taking into account any race factors to narrow the bets down (which I advise you to use).

    Yes, after deducting all losers, it made 53 points profit to 1 point level stakes. Impressive? Yes, but it's done it before at the big meetings - I've noticed that over the years, it seems to do very well at the top-class meetings like Cheltenham.

    How many hyped-up systems or tipsters would have picked a 25-1 and a 16-1 winner on the same day? My guess is probably none.

    Of course, not every meeting will show a profit as large as this one, and some will show a loss, but The Value Book Formula does highlight a lot of horses that are value bets at big prices.

    Now You Can Do It Yourself

    If you're tired of the system sellers and the tipsters with their extravagant claims, then my manual is for you. The Alpha System will show you how to make your own betting tissue to pick your own horses.

    You'll have the ability to do it for yourself, without paying the big fees.

    But, let me repeat - my method isn't a 'magic money tree'. To make a profit from betting on horse racing takes hard work and application, and you'll have to put in some effort yourself - value is just one part of the equation.

    It's not a 'system' and it won't do all the work for you. It just gives you a method of making a value book for each qualifying race.

    Again, I'm not going to give you any BS and say it's a 'turnkey' method. I'll leave that to the scam artists. If you're looking for a 'set and forget' method of picking horses, you're going to be disappointed.

    I'm not giving you tips, or telling you which horse will definitely win the race. No-one can do that, despite what the wideboys tell you. As you've probably noticed, even the 'nailed-on' short-priced favourites lose.

    No, this isn't a system, but it is a chance for you to use a way of taking on the bookmakers that has stood the test of time. A proven, tested way to make your own book.

    Fair enough?

    I think we both know that if you're not using value as a part of your selection process, you're probably going to lose money in the long term...

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      So why do it when you can turn the tables on the bookies?
    • question-circle-o
      Why lose money to greedy bookmakers - year in, year out?
    • question-circle-o
      Why choose to lose when you can discover how to win?

    This is your chance to grab a proven method that, until now, was only known to professional gamblers or a few people who had 'cracked the code'. People who understood how to exploit the bookie's weakness – by making their own book.

    Don't hesitate on this and lose out. Get your order in now before the last copy of The Alpha System is snapped up. Click the 'Get Instant Access Now' button below before someone beats you to it.

    Now it's up to you. Do you want to stay 'in the dark' forever about how to make your own book? Or do you want to join successful punters and give your bookmaker a real headache by backing value horses only?

    I'm not going to BS you with tales of private jets and Bentleys. You'll have to work very hard if you want to make the profit the 'big boys' do and enjoy their trappings of success: the big wads of cash, the 'bling', the expensive holidays, the prestige cars and the luxury homes.

    My method might be relatively simple, but it still takes hard work and some time to narrow the bets down. It just takes less time than others to make a book.

    Yes, you'll have to work at it if you want to be a success, but if we're honest, we all know that anything worth doing takes effort. Anyone trying to sell you an 'easy' or 'turnkey' way of beating the bookmaker is either a liar or a scam artist.

    There's no such thing as an easy way to beat the bookmaker.
    If there was, everybody would be doing it.

    Yes, you'll have to work at it if you want to be a success, but if we're honest, we all know that anything worth doing takes effort. Anyone trying to sell you an 'easy' or 'turnkey' way of beating the bookmaker is either a liar or a scam artist.

    I hope you realise I'm a NO BS type of person. If you want BS, I suggest you pay for the latest miracle racing system, or horse racing tipping services that offer 'stable gambles' and 'inside information' about 'the next big plot from our contacts'.

    Do people still believe that nonsense? If you believe it, I wish you the best of luck, because you're going to need it.

    I think you realise by now it's better to use proven, logical ways to find value bets instead of paying for tired systems that don't work, and over-priced tipsters.

    You won't be backing any short-priced favourites or odds-on shots - this isn't a favourites system (the bookies love those). It's a method that exploits the bookies mistakes ...and they make plenty of them in a day.

    My value book method has given more long-priced winners in one day (see Cheltenham results above for examples) than these tipping services do in a whole month of obvious horses and odds-on favourites.

    A £200+ Proven Value Method

    How much would you pay for a proven method of making your own betting tissue that has given 25-1 and 16-1 winners in one day - a method that shows you how to make your own value book in just 10 minutes per race?

    Of course, I'm biased, but I believe this is the best manual on creating your own betting tissue available today – at any price.

    I've been advised to sell The Alpha System for close to £200. I've thought about it... and why not? Others have sold professional gambling methods for over £200 and made money doing it.

    Yes, I could have 'padded it out' and charged £200 for it, but I'm not going to do that. I'm not even going to charge you £150. To make it affordable, I'm selling The Alpha System for just £97.

    But, if you act quickly, I'm going to make it even easier for you: When you buy it today, I'll take £30 off the price, and you get it for just £67 +VAT!

    Yes, you pay just £67 +VAT for a method which shows you how to make your own value book. But, because I'm strictly limiting this offer, you need to act quickly.

    Don't miss out on this. Unfortunately, when the last of the copies have gone, I will have to turn you away. However, I'll make you this promise:

    When you click on the 'Get Instant Access Now' button now, I will reserve a copy for you at the lower price of £67 +VAT. You won't lose out.



    Exploit The Bookie's Weakness

    You can leave the poor-value horses to the 'mug punters'.

    Download it now, and try it yourself with this week's racing. 'Paper-trade' the horses with imaginary bets without risking any of your own money. See for yourself how using value can transform your betting.

    Imagine yourself working out the value horses in any qualifying race every day. Until now, that was something only professionals and people 'in the know' could do.

    If you know anything about racing and gambling, you know betting is all about numbers, and the numbers and the maths don't lie. The experts will tell you the same thing: value betting is the only way to win.

    The Numbers Don't Lie

    Every serious punter needs to take value into consideration before having a bet. That's why, if you want to make your own betting tissue - you need The Alpha System.

    The great thing is, you're getting a proven, tested way to make your own value book for a one-time cost of just £67 +VAT. That's less than you'll pay to fill your car with petrol.

    I think that's a fair price, don't you?

    Just a £5 winning bet at 10-1 will pay for my manual on it's own... plus you'll have three pounds extra in your pocket. But, at this price, it will sell out very quickly, so you'll have to get in early.

    Don't delay. If you wait till tomorrow, you might miss the £67 price and have to pay £97 (or miss it altogether).

    Yes, it's at a great price, but it does not come with a money-back guarantee.

    All Sales Are Final

    The Alpha System contains valuable information, intellectual copyright, and insider techniques that are worth far more than the small sum of £67 I'm asking for them.

    Because it's an information product in ebook form, there's no tangible product to return. That's why there's no money-back guarantee. By purchasing my manual, you agree that all sales are final. If you need a money-back guarantee, do not buy my manual.

    Unfortunately, some dishonest people would simply copy my method and return it saying it's 'not for them' or they 'haven't got the time'. If you are one of those people who copies information and then sends it back for a refund, please stop reading now, and close this page.

    My method is an essential 'tool' for anyone that wants to make money from gambling, and it does exactly what I describe in this letter. That's why I'm not going to have my hard work exploited by people who won't pay me less than £70 to turn their betting life around.

    Once you learn how to make your own value book, you can't 'unlearn' it. I've worked too hard on putting together this method to give it away to a few unscrupulous people.

    But, I will give you one cast-iron guarantee to put your mind at rest:

    My method will show you exactly how to use
    ratings to make a value book, or I will give
    you DOUBLE your money back*

    Yes, my method will show you exactly how to make a value betting book using Racing Post ratings, or I will refund your money and give you twice what you paid me.*

    That's fair, isn't it?

    What To Do Next?

    Click on the 'Get Instant Access' button, and you'll be taken to a secure payment form. Once your payment is approved, you'll get immediate access to your own copy of the digital, downloadable 74 pages of The Alpha System.

    My manual walks you through the five simple steps of my ground-breaking formula and how to use it. You can read it in one sitting, and it tells you exactly how to make your own betting tissue.

    It'll take you less than an hour to read through, and you'll know exactly how to go about copying the pros by making a value book of your own.



    But, that's not all. You'll also read about:

    • The 7-point method professional gambler Dave Nevison used to make his own book to make six figures (reputedly over £200,000) a year
    • Why you shouldn't back horses priced at 50-1, 66-1, and 100-1
    • The 9 race factors you should look at before you bet
    • When to take a price on Oddschecker to maximise your winnings
    • Why you have to take note of THIS market

    And more ...

    This Is Your Chance To Join The 1% Club

    If you're tired of losing money to bookmakers, and want to join the 1% of gamblers that actually understand value and know how to profit from it, you need The Alpha System.

    Don't take the poor odds that the bookies offer you at face value. As we all know, it's almost impossible to make a profit if you allow them to set the odds for you.

    The bottom line is: If you're not making your own book, you're at the mercy of bookmakers and the 'over-round'. That's how they make their living, and they really don't want you to understand how they do it.

    Most people are 'clueless' about value, and that's the way the bookies like it.

    They know anyone not making their own book is going to lose in the long run, and they look at people who don't understand value as 'lambs to the slaughter'.

    They literally rub their hands together when they take their bets.

    Why be one of these people? Why be a member of the 'mug punter' club when you can use the proven techniques of the professionals?

    Now you can join the elite 'club' of people with the inside knowledge of how to make a betting tissue of their own to take on the bookmaker.

    The bookmakers aren't perfect. It's not easy for them to study all the variables and price up every race correctly. And yes, because of that, they make mistakes - lots of them every day.

    Why not take advantage of them?

    You Won't Want To Be Without It

    It doesn't matter what type of bettor you are: a weekend punter, someone who bets every day, or an aspiring professional gambler. My formula is an extremely valuable tool for anyone that wants an edge over the bookmaker.

    Even a serious recreational gambler will find it useful, even essential. Once you've used it, you won't want to be without this ground-breaking method again.

    Don't take my word for it. I showed The Alpha System to a professional racing advisor who has been involved in gambling for over two decades, and he emailed me straight back with this message:

    This person isn't a 'Johnny come lately' tipster. This is someone who has won a prestigious 'Secret Betting Club' award and has been running a successful advisory service since the 1990s.

    He wasn't the only racing expert to praise the manual:

    Michael Wilding from the well-respected Race Advisor website

    There are no claims of 'instant riches' in this letter. I'm giving it to you straight – even with the ability to make a value book, you'll have to put in some effort if you want to be a success.

    But I won't be one of them.

    As you might have noticed, there are no empty promises; no photos of sandy beaches, Ferraris, yachts, and private jets, and no claims of millions a year. If you want hype, there are plenty of people willing to lie to you.

    Yes, your own way of making a value book to take on the bookmakers for less than £70 - isn't that what all serious bettors have been looking for?

    Don't worry, I'm not selling a 'system'. You've probably been let down by them before. I'm just showing you how to calculate a value book using an easy-to-follow 5-step process.

    As soon as you own it and discover how to make your own book, you can be backing value horses as early as tomorrow. Picture yourself working out your own betting tissue for each race using value – just like the professionals.

    Back Value Horses As Early As Tomorrow

    Now you've read what the knowledgeable racing experts say, why not find out for yourself how good it is?



    Questions And Answers

    Why are you selling this method?

    Because I enjoy teaching people what I've learned. If I was to teach this method of making a value book on a one-to-one basis, I would have to charge at least £200 to cover the costs of travel, my knowledge and my time.

    But, because I'm selling it through this website, I have fewer costs and I can reduce the price to £67.

    What do I need to use The Alpha System?

    Just my manual, a basic calculator, and a copy of the Racing Post or access to Racing Post online.

    How much do I need to start?

    You can start with as little as £50 if you like. In fact, I would advise you to keep your money in your pocket and 'paper trade' with imaginary money at first. That way you can test my methods out without ever putting a penny of your own money at risk.

    Do you use staking plans?

    No. All bets are level stakes win singles.

    Do you use early prices only?

    No. You will get better odds at early prices, but with my methods, you can use both early prices and starting prices (SP).

    Do I need to know anything about horse racing?

    Having a certain amount of knowledge about racing is preferable, but my methods can be used by a complete novice to work out a simple, basic book.

    How much can I make?

    When you use value, results will vary from month to month, and from person to person. I've made good profits from making a value book, but it all depends on how much work you put into it.

    I'm not going to give you any BS and say your results are guaranteed – they're not. Your success or failure will be down to how much hard work you put into it.

    Why are you different from the other 'tipsters' or system sellers?

    Because I'm not trying to tell you which horse will win the race. There are enough people doing that - and failing. My essential method just shows you how to make your own value book - nothing more.

    Also, there are no wild claims of income, or promises of millions of pounds in effortless winnings. You will have to work at it.

    Why should I trust you?

    First of all, don't trust me or anyone else trying to sell you something. I wouldn't and neither should you. Instead, you should trust your own common sense.

    By doing that, you'll realise that every successful punter and professional gambler takes value into consideration when having a bet. That should tell you something.

    I'm not saying you'll make as much money as the pros. I'm just showing you a way to make your own value book, and giving you the best tool with which to do it in the shortest possible time – The Alpha System.

    I've no need to hype this up. Being involved in racing for many years, I know my method is something that gamblers have been searching for for a long time.

    Why don't you give a money-back guarantee?

    Because The Alpha System can be easily copied and returned by people looking for fake refunds. I'm not going to be exploited - the 'egghead' and I have worked too hard on this to give it away.

    Let's be honest with each other - there can never be a 100% profit guarantee with racing and sports betting. Anyone with any sense knows that. That's why I've tried to put off the 'dreamers' and deter the people who expect 'instant riches' in this letter.

    As I've said before – you will have to work at it if you want to be a success.

    Unfortunately, some buyers might have unreasonable expectations or expect miracles. When these miracles don't occur, they might get angry and ask for a refund for reasons which have nothing to do with the quality of the information.

    That's why I'm not looking for buyers who change their mind on a whim, or chargeback addicts. As I've said before, this isn't a get rich quick scheme.

    Why Should I Buy The Alpha System?

    Three reasons:

    1. If you make your own book using accurate ratings, you'll be taking an approach based value. That means you'll know which horses to back, and which to leave alone.

    2. You won't have to give money to tipsters for 'obvious' horses (these services can cost over £1,000 a year).

    3. You'll have exclusive access to my personal method, and be one of a small group of 'in the know' people that understands value, just like the professional gamblers.

    Let's face it, if you ignore value, you'll be like 98% of the other punters out there that will slowly and steadily lose money to the bookmakers, year in and year out. That's inevitable.

    Why do that, when you can use value?

    The fact is that 98% of gamblers lose money, 1% break even, and just 1% are winners. That's why bookmaking firms make hundreds of millions of pounds a year.

    If you're tired of giving money to the bookie, and want to take a more 'professional' approach to your betting, you need The Alpha System. The bottom line is: if you want to become one of the 1%, you need to click on the 'Get Instant Access' button below.

    Why wait? All canny gamblers around the world are making their own book to highlight value horses – so why aren't you?

    Welcome To The Value Betting Revolution

    My method will appeal to the brighter people that see the obvious truth in making a value book. But, the fact is, most people won't get it.

    My method isn't for the vast majority of people who want 'spoon-feeding' or expect success on a plate without work. If you can't concentrate and do simple maths on a calculator, if you expect to get rich in 3 months using it, or if you're 'strapped' for cash, don't buy it.

    If you can't afford the £67 +VAT, then please save your money. You shouldn't buy my method if you don't understand how making a value book might help you.

    My method isn't for everyone, and that's OK with me. You might be more suited to backing favourites like the majority of other punters out there. If you're happy doing that, good luck to you, and enjoy your betting.

    For the rest of you, welcome to the value betting revolution. If you've been a losing bettor for years, it's time to discover how to take on the bookies by making your own value book.

    Will it make you a professional gambler? No, and it probably won't make you a millionaire, either. But, it will show you how the pros use value to make a profit from the bookmaker on a regular basis.

    When you download my method, you'll have the ability to create your own value book for every qualifying race in the UK and Ireland - and all for less than £70.

    Now it's over to you. Whatever you decide, I wish you the very best in your battle with the bookmakers. But, if you want to win that battle, you need to grab The Alpha System now while you still can.



    It's Time To Join The 1%

    Thanks for reading this long letter. I hope I've answered the most important questions you might have about my method. I hope you realise that if you take your betting seriously - you need to learn how to make your own book or betting tissue.

    In short, if you're tired of giving your money to the bookmakers, and you want to join the 1% of winners, you need The Alpha System.

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    Why wait?

    I look forward to welcoming you to this 'insiders-only' club.

    Warmest regards,

    Miles Johnston

    P.S. Remember, you're getting a method of making a book that's picked 25-1, 16-1, and 7-2 winners in one day (Cheltenham - 14th March, 2017) and many more at large prices. Because of that, the limited copies will be snapped up very quickly.

    The good news is – if you act now, you can own my method for just £67 +VAT. When you click on the 'Get Instant Access Now' button now, you won't miss out - I personally guarantee to save one of the last few copies for you. At just £67, you and I both know you won't get a better deal.

    P.P.S. Chances like this don't come along very often. When you own The Alpha System, you'll have an understanding of how to make your own betting tissue to take on the bookies.

    If you're a long time losing bettor, it's time to change your approach. Don't forget - you're getting a proven, tested way to make your own value book, and all for less money than an average meal for two in a restaurant.

    I think you need to jump on this while it's still available, don't you?

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    Note: The Alpha System is for British and Irish racing. It might work with racing in other countries, but it may not be as effective.


    * Terms and conditions apply


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