Born 1942 at Berwick upon Tweed. Married to Viviane from Luxemburg. Hobbies are Metal Detecting/Treasure Hunting and Flight Sims. Have 2 cats a whippet and a greyhound. Wasted a Grammar/Boarding School education by becoming a fireman on steam engines with BR. Emigrated to Australia, then became a Plantation Manager in Papua New Guinea. Returned to UK in 1971 and spent next 31 years flying all over the world as an Air Loadmaster. Managed a Ladbrokes betting shop for 4 months then we bought a Newsagents. Having a newspaper shop gave me plenty of spare time to hone my betting skills, and come up with systems that were very successful.
  • Jun- 2019 -
    8 June
    Bookie's Runner to Bookie Basher 1

    Bookie’s Runner to Bookie Basher

    Thanks everybody for your interest, I have now, hopefully, come-up with the goods. My aim is maximum profits from minimum selections The basic system is a Trainer based Win & PLACE, and is as follows: Trainers with a minimum of 25% win, and or 50% placed runners, over the current season or longer. Minimum SP for the moment is 7/1,…

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  • May- 2019 -
    11 May
    Mastering Bookie Bashing 2

    Mastering Bookie Bashing

    The first two episodes of this series were originally published in separate blog posts, you can see part two here, going forwards we will be updating this post in order to keep everything in one place and make it easier to read all the updates. Enjoy… Episode 1 – Bookie Bashing, My Journey! Hi Folks, Michael has kindly asked me…

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