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BEST Bank Holiday FREE tips, RIGHT HERE…

Today is a busy Bank Holiday Saturday with 8 meetings to analyse, and with so many, it can be a minefield to know where to start.

With this much information to hand, it can take hours to find anything worth backing.

At the Race Advisor, we take all the hard work and condense it into awesome content – just for you.

We’ve got plenty of free tips. So, place your bets and head off to B&Q, to enjoy what is going to be a scorching Bank Holiday weekend!

First up, Alex Pepperel gives us his thoughts on a race over at Haydock. It’s a decent price and should give a good run for our money.

You can watch Alex’s video HERE.

For those who like to work out your own selections, don’t forget to check our Daily Stat Pack.

It’s got everything you need, from trainer strike rates to jockey strike rates, to how a horse has performed on the going, distance and course.

Last Saturday, selections the Daily Stat pack gave us was a 12/1 placed and an 11/8 winner. WOW!

Let’s see if we can repeat that with more winners from today’s stats.

You can bookmark our Daily Stat Pack by clicking HERE.

An interesting angle with free tips is to find alternative ways to bet them. You can do multiples, back bets, lay them and forecasts.
One of the great ways to bet is to back and then lay, to secure yourself a risk-free bet.

We’ve just published a fascinating insight, by Patrick Lynch, into how these bets can be profitable for anyone.

Here’s a taster:

This was something I’ve wanted to write about for a while, but the notion of getting value from front-runners on the Betfair Exchange became embedded in my mind after the Chester Cup. I had backed the well-known front-runner, My Reward, at 14/1 and saw its odds tumble to around 9/1 by the off. Within 20 or so seconds, when the horse predictably moved to the front, his odds fell as low as 9/2. I had backed him to win, but it was difficult to turn down what was a significant profit.

It was fascinating because, even though it was known that My Reward was a front-runner (it was specifically mentioned in the Racing Post), his odds still tumbled when he went to the front. The Exchange has been around for a long time, but even now less savvy punters get excited when a horse rushes to the front in the early stages. A price reduction is inevitable and smart traders can cash in.

Locating Possibilities:

The simple option is to find sites that claim to provide you with front-runners. For instance, I located one that suggested the likely candidates for May 16, 2018, were:

Mr Satco @ 3:45 Newton Abbot.
Strumble Head @ 4:45 Newton Abbot
Montague @ 4:35 York
Creeytennant @ 9:05 Perth

Alternatively, you can trawl sites such as the Racing Post and Sporting Life, to see if they provide any insight into whether a horse is a likely front-runner. Regardless of the method, you use to find these runners, make sure you watch some videos of their previous races.

There is a myriad of tactics one could use to find front-runners. Some traders prefer to look at races with relatively few runners, in the hope they can pick up a cheap and easy profit.

Subscribers to Profit Recall can check out Pace Predictor to find possible front-runners.

To continue reading Patrick’s advice on finding front runners and how best to trade them CLICK HERE.

So, that’s Saturday covered! It’s a Bank Holiday weekend, and there’s plenty of action on Monday as well. Remember to check back on the blog, where we’ll have the Daily Stat Pack, free tips from one of Guest Tipsters.

You can even try your hand at finding some front runners!

All the best,

The Race Advisor

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