• Sep- 2019 -
    17 September
    The Lazy Man's 4% Horse Racing Plan 1

    The Lazy Man’s 4% Horse Racing Plan

    Have you heard of the 4% life plan? It’s got nothing to do with horse racing, but in this article I’m going to show you how you can use it to make a living from your betting. The concept of the 4% life plan is that if your investments make a minimum of a 4% yearly return, all you need…

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  • 14 September
    Crave £1000 A Day From Horse Racing? 2

    Crave £1000 A Day From Horse Racing?

    Pretty much every day I get at least one email that goes along the lines of this… “If you’re so [choose your own expletive here] good, why don’t you just tell us which horse you’re betting on rather than making us do all the [choose another expletive here] work. I don’t want to make £150 a month, I want a…

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  • Aug- 2019 -
    3 August
    Inside the Rails – Running A Horse Racing Syndicate 4

    Inside the Rails – Running A Horse Racing Syndicate

    In previous blog posts, I have covered most of the areas that form part of racehorse ownership, and you can read these blog posts at This month I thought I would focus on how all these elements come together. As you will see from my “About the Author” bio, I run BG Horse Racing Syndicates, through which I manage…

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  • Jul- 2019 -
    29 July
    Glorious Goodwood

    5 Insanely Important Stats At Glorious Goodwood To Use This Week

    Horse racing festivals are notoriously difficult to analyse. It’s not really surprising, given that they have some of the best runners from around the world competing for some of the biggest prize money available. And Glorious Goodwood this week is no different! Members of the Race Advisor Pro Members Club community get access to every single stat and trend that…

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  • 16 July
    The King George VI & Queen Elizabeth Stakes 2019 5

    The King George VI & Queen Elizabeth Stakes 2019

    The King George VI & Queen Elizabeth Stakes 2019 prestigious event is still a week away. That doesn’t mean, however, that now is not a good time for a bit of a preview. So read on for a few words on the upcoming event, with consideration of last year’s race, and broader trends taken into account. Waxing Poetic Poet’s Word,…

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  • 10 July
    Horse Racing Bankroll

    4 Steps To The Perfect Horse Racing Bankroll

    Your bankroll is going to be one of the most important parts of your horse racing betting. If you have a bankroll that’s too small, you’re going to lose it during a bad streak and not have enough left to bet to see you through that bad streak and back out the other side. If you have a bankroll that’s…

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  • Jun- 2019 -
    26 June
    Winning With Pace 6

    Winning With Pace

    Not every single strategy, angle or approach is going to suit every type of bettor. Finding the right angle for your mindset, bankroll and available time is probably the most important element of successful betting. Which is why I like to make monthly strategy videos for Race Advisor Pro Member Club members on how to use our software. One of…

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  • 25 June
    Inside The Rails 7

    Inside The Rails

    How many times do we see stories in the racing press relating to high profile horses missing a big race target due to a minor injury or niggle, and how often do we read about horses that will miss the rest of the season through injury? I am sure you will realise that this happens all the time, and these…

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  • 24 June
    Royal Ascot Highlights 8

    Royal Ascot Highlights

    Royal Ascot is over for another year. A strange meeting, a bit like this year’s Cheltenham Festival, it was a slow burner. The first two days took place under grey skies and torrential rain. There were no highlights off the track, and in all honesty, there weren’t many of them on the track either. Blue Points to Win On Tuesday…

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  • 21 June
    Rough Magic 9

    Rough Magic

    One of the beauties of being able to read books about the “sport of kings” is that we constantly learn new things! At the end of every month, I treat myself to a special half to sit down with a cup of tea and peruse Amazon’s book section. I can see why it’s called Amazon, thinking about it… “The Amazon is the…

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  • 17 June
    Royal Ascot Special 10

    Royal Ascot Special

    Just one day to the start of Royal Ascot and, what I believe, is the best five days of horse racing anywhere in the world. Nearly 300,000 people will visit Royal Ascot over the next five days, including of course Her Majesty the Queen and various members of the Royal Family. Each day of Royal Ascot begins with the Royal…

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  • 14 June
    Intelligent Betting: A Fundamental Guide To Betting On Horse Racing 11

    Intelligent Betting: A Fundamental Guide To Betting On Horse Racing

    “ Would you like to improve your betting? When it comes to betting on horse racing, most people don’t approach it with any kind of structure or realistic plan – and therefore the results they achieve from their betting are less than desirable.  This book aims to fix that by quickly getting you up to speed with all the fundamentals required…

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  • 12 June
    The 4 Steps To Finding Winners Nobody Wants To Tell You 12

    The 4 Steps To Finding Winners Nobody Wants To Tell You

    Wouldn’t it be great if all we needed to be profitable was a single rating, we always bet the top selected and counted our money. Over a decade ago, that was what I thought would happen. Which is why I completely understand when people ask me which of our ratings will make them a flat stake profit by betting the…

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  • 10 June
    Liberty Set for Royal Ascot 14

    Liberty Set for Royal Ascot

    Just seven days ago we were looking back at a weekend of Classic action. High class racing that took place under blue skies and warm sunshine. What a difference a week can make… Granted there was no lack of racing around the country. But it wasn’t the strongest summer Saturday in terms of quality. Even worse, the weather was more…

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  • 8 June
    Bookie's Runner to Bookie Basher 15

    Bookie’s Runner to Bookie Basher

    Thanks everybody for your interest, I have now, hopefully, come-up with the goods. My aim is maximum profits from minimum selections The basic system is a Trainer based Win & PLACE, and is as follows: Trainers with a minimum of 25% win, and or 50% placed runners, over the current season or longer. Minimum SP for the moment is 7/1,…

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  • 3 June
    John Burke Monday EyeCatcher 16

    John Burke Monday EyeCatcher

    In this week’s article I look back at the Derby & Oaks, and some interesting stats for those punting at Brighton. We’ve had four of the five English Classics already run, and the flat season is just two months old! Frankie’s Famous Five My decision to look at bigger priced horses in the Oaks meant I didn’t back Anapurna who…

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  • May- 2019 -
    30 May
    Proven Stayers Required for the 2019 Ascot Gold Cup 17

    Proven Stayers Required for the 2019 Ascot Gold Cup

    The word ‘stamina’ is often used by both pundits and experts who are tasked with analysing a horse’s chances of success, and although it is just one of many aspects to consider when studying the form lines, it is surely the most important. There are a smattering of UK flat races throughout the summer months that require proven stayers, and…

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  • 27 May
    Epsom Derby & Oaks Previews 18

    Epsom Derby & Oaks Previews

    Hard to believe, but by the beginning of June four of the five English Classics will have been run and this time next week I will be looking back at the Epsom Derby & Oaks. Today I will be concentrating on previewing both next week’s Classics. I have to say both races have an open look about them. Let’s begin…

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  • 25 May
    Inside the Rails – A Week In The Life of A Racing Manager 19

    Inside the Rails – A Week In The Life of A Racing Manager

    Ever wondered what goes into the preparation for a day at the races? One of the BG Racing horses, The Way You Dance, ran at Goodwood on the 4th May and I thought it might be interesting to outline what takes place in advance of a group of owners enjoying their day at the races! I run BG Racing and…

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  • 20 May
    Derby Picture Gets Clearer or Does It? 20

    Derby Picture Gets Clearer or Does It?

    It’s Monday again and my weekly look back at the best of last week’s action. On Saturday it was Lockinge Day at Newbury, and whilst there was some high-class racing at the Berkshire track, the rest of weekend’s racing was only moderate. That being the case, I thought it was a good time to look back at last week’s York…

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