• KISS - Keeping It Simple, Stupid 1

    KISS – Keeping It Simple, Stupid

    You’ve probably heard the phrase KISS before. I got an email from a reader asking if I could show a method of finding contenders that was very simple. He didn’t want to get into the statistics or anything complex. Just something simple that could enhance his enjoyment of racing. This got me thinking. After all, I usually write with a…

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  • 5 Minute Race Analysis 2

    5 Minute Race Analysis

    Two and a half years ago I made a video which showed how to analyse a race in just three minutes. It has been one of the most popular posts on the blog but it was made before I had much experience in making videos and so… …I thought it was time to redo it. I extended the time to…

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  • Brain Re-Arrange 3

    Brain Re-Arrange

    It’s only two days until 2014, I can’t believe how quickly 2013 has gone! I’m one of those people who love new year, and the reason is that I always feel like it’s a time to reflect on the year that’s just finish and create new goals for the coming year. These can be both personal and work goals. I…

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  • Won Last Time Out – How Important Is It Really?

    There was a discussion taking place in our members forum recently about how far back in a horses history a win is still an important factor and, with that in mind, I thought that I would take a look at how important a row of wins are in betting. Is have the last race as a winner just as important…

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  • Finding A Profit In Chase Races

    One of the most popular articles I’ve written is about stats on the All Weather. So, since we’re now in the jumps season I thought I’d write a version for chase races! To start I’m going to look at the performance of the top three horses in the betting with data going back to 2007. When we break this down…

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  • Moving Markets To Make Profits

    There is nothing new about moving markets. It’s something that’s done by many people a lot of the time, but in terms of sports betting it’s probably most commonly known to take place on Betfair by traders. When trading on a horse they may need the market to move in a particular direction in order to complete their trade. If…

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  • Dutching The Forecast

    Today we’ve got a quick and simple way to find an amazingly large amount of winners. It involves dutching which means… You’re going to have to do a bit of maths. But I promise it’s very simple J When betting outside of handicaps, and focussing on the top three in the betting, we can expect to find a staggering 70%…

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  • The Quick And Dirty Pace System

    Today I’ve got something very different for you… I’m going to show you how you can make profits using a free website and a pace system. Get a cup of tea and make yourself comfortable because you’re going to love this! We’re going to be looking for Lone Fast Pace races that are no longer than seven furlongs. If you’re…

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  • Here’s How To Do It [The Video!]

    You Can Check Out The Original Article Here Get Your Copy Of The Racing Dossier Now

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  • Here’s How To Do It!

    It was my wife’s birthday recently. She’s a pretty new wife, 2.5 months to be precise, although we’ve been together for coming up ten years. To celebrate we arranged for our friends to join us in a local pub for a bit of food and some quiet drinks. Quiet wasn’t exactly what happened, but I’m getting ahead of myself. There…

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  • Analysing a Race in 3 Minutes

    An update to this video has now been made and is available here. The video below shows that it is possible to analyse a race, very quickly in just 3 minutes.

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  • Ratings Variance

    Discover how you can take any rating, and using variance, find out the horses in the race that have no chance, and the strongest with nothing more than a simple spreadsheet.

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  • Using Official Rating To Estimate Class

    Unfortunately changes made to the Sporting Life website in August 2012 means that the copy and paste no longer works and you need to enter the ratings by hand. To see the written version of the above video then please follow this link. Downloads You may need to right-click the following links and select Save Link As to download the…

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  • Horse Racing Power Ratings

    HOW TO: Make Your Own Horse Racing Power Ratings

    We are all used to horse racing ratings, but what about horse racing power ratings. At it’s most complex, a horse racing power rating is a figure that contains all the information necessary to analyse a race. It’s a combination of all the factors needed to assess a race. However, any rating that has combined multiple ratings, or pieces of…

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  • Today's Horse Racing Tips 4

    Today’s Horse Racing Tips

    Originally written back in January 2010, I thought it was time to update this article and make it relevant to todays horse racing tips again. We’re going to discover if, nine years after it was originally written, the same information is true. What Did We Discover In 2010 First we need to look at the original article and what we…

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