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  • Jan- 2019 -
    30 January

    Betting Bounty – Guaranteed Long-Term Profit Made Simple

    Several things in life are relatively easy to do: Make a cup of tea, put on your socks, and conjure up reasons why Alan Sugar should be kicked out of the UK! There are also several guarantees: Getting stuck in traffic while already running late, Alan Sugar refusing to leave the UK, and being left frustrated as your ‘hot tip’…

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  • Feb- 2018 -
    8 February

    5 STEPS to GLORY!

    Now, a lot of you have been writing to me about the VDW Maximiser. The incredible new betting tool from the Race Advisor. We’ve spent months building it – and spent an eye-watering amount of money on it. And yet, we’re currently letting people sign up for very little. How much? Find out by clicking here! Anyway, a lot of…

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  • 7 February

    HAVE YOU HEARD – VDW’s the thing!!

    If you haven’t read about the VDW Maximiser yet, you’re one day behind! It launched yesterday and bettors all over the UK are getting stuck into this superb product. Using the very latest technology (costing us a fortune in the process I should add!), it can predict the winners of races like nothing else out there. That’s because it uses…

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  • 6 February


    Revolution is in the air, folks! Today sees the launch of a new product so powerful it is set to blow the bookies out of the water. That’s because we have spent many months and thousands of pounds building something superb. It’s called the VDW Maximiser – and it combines some awesome things. Awesome thing No1 Is the Van Der Wheil…

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  • Jan- 2018 -
    29 January


    Here’s how you can make profits from your next bet. Not maybe, not perhaps, not only if you win… You will win. Now, how would I know this? Because with Profit Lockdown you are guaranteed to win in the long-term. It’s enticingly straightforward and simple… This is how Profit Lockdown works: 1. GET THE SELECTIONS You’ll follow a simple two-step process to…

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  • 18 January

    Two powerful products for you…

    I’ve got two great betting tools for you today. One’s entirely free and the other costs a bit. Needless to say, with the one that costs a bit, all the hard work is done for you… But they’re both sensational products. FIRST, the free one… It’s a FREE video masterclass on a topic you’re going to love. It teaches you…

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  • 17 January

    Win almost every bet by doing this…

    Imagine winning almost every single one of your bets. Imagine a winning streak that never ended. Imagine a bank balance full of easy betting profits. Well, that’s dobbing – the strangely named yet increasingly popular way to bet. At astonishingly low risk to your bank balance. Essentially, it’s a fantastic technique whereby you place two bets. You back one horse…

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  • 16 January

    Come and get me, cops!

    Last week a man was branded “the world’s stupidest criminal“. And there’s some tough competition for that title! What did he do? Jamie Murphy saw that police in Preston had put up a Facebook post calling for his arrest with a picture of his mugshot. But rather than lie low, he shared it on his page, called the police “Muppets” –…

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  • 15 January

    The football that made people angry…

    I’ve often wondered how they come up with those rubbish pictures you see on road signs. You know, The elephant (zoo) The football (stadium) That strange big house thing (no idea). There was a big fuss over the football one recently. Someone quite rightly pointed out it would be impossible to make it in real life because its hexagons are…

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  • 13 January

    The most offensive company names are…

    This made me laugh… When you come up with a company, you have to register a name. But what you might not know is, Companies House can block your company name if they think it’s rude. And each year loads of firms get knocked back – just because of what they’re called. Take Robotdick Ltd. Or Sod It Systems. And pity…

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  • 6 January

    Run for cover!

    It would be great to see what the future holds. I’m on holiday at the moment and about every 15 minutes it absolutely pours with rain. Which is making things a little bit hard to predict.     Sitting on the beach? DOWNPOUR.     Going for a walk? DOWNPOUR.     Taking a trip? DOWNPOUR. But it’s not possible…

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  • 4 January

    Sunbathing with Simon Cowell

    X Factor supremo Simon Cowell is currently sunbathing next to me. Well, actually, let me rephrase that. Simon Cowell is currently sunbathing on a yacht that I can see. According to one of the locals here at the holiday resort, I’m staying at. I haven’t actually seen old Hairy Moobs himself, as I didn’t pack a telescope. So I don’t…

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  • Dec- 2017 -
    29 December

    The power of a slap in the face!

    Thought your boss was bad? Check this out… One company forces its employees to SLAP each other across the face. Tough, huh? The company, in China, makes underperforming workers smack each other across the chops at the annual party. The erm, unusual practice came under fire when a video of the bizarre ceremony leaked onto the internet. An unnamed spokesman…

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  • 28 December

    Make £270 a month (without really trying)

    Here are some stats you’ll enjoy. What makes an average 27 profitable bets a month? At an average profit of £270 a month? Has made £9,720 for its members? And can do the same for you? The answer, folks, is Betting Bounty, the amazing risk-FREE betting platform. Now, you’re probably wondering how it can churn all that profit at extraordinarily…

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  • 27 December

    And today’s big winner is…

    Back at work? Bad luck. A lot of offices are reopening for business today. And if that’s you, I hope you’re doing so with some money in your pocket. From the great post-Christmas racing we’ve been enjoying. If you haven’t had a big win yet, here’s something for you. Because today is the day of the Daily Stat Pack. Your invaluable guide…

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  • 23 December

    TWO days till your Christmas surprise!

    Christmas is a time for GIVING and RECEIVING. And your pals here at the Race Advisor have got both those things covered for you. With Christmas just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to sign up to our fantastic giveaway. It’s called the Race Advisor Christmas Cracker. And here’s what it does…. IT GIVES TO CHARITY With every Christmas Cracker,…

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  • 22 December

    Charades with the Queen

    Spare a thought for Meghan Markle this Christmas. Not only does she have to spend Christmas with the Queen – as she’s now Prince Harry’s fiancée. (Probably a bit of a nerve-wracking experience anyway.) But she has to play charades with Her Majesty. It’s her favourite game, apparently, and the Royals spend their Christmas Eve playing it. Imagine trying to…

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  • 11 December

    Get your 15 minutes of PROFIT

    There’s a great Andy Warhol quote. “In the future, everyone will be famous for 15 minutes.” Which, if you watch TV, does seem to have come true! But we’re not interested in fame at the Race Advisor. We’re focused only on making you rich – in 15 minutes. That’s why we’re so proud of The 15 Minute Method. An awesome…

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  • 6 December

    Please, have this ROCKET!

    Bonfire night was last month. But we’re still going to produce some betting fireworks in your bank account. And that’s by putting a rocket under your betting. How can I be so sure? Because this time, all profits are guaranteed. Yes, it is not mathematically possible to lose with Profit Lockdown. Which is why you need it in your betting…

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  • 4 December

    Build your own racing database like a PRO

    Today, I’ve got a great guide for you. Totally FREE, you’ll be pleased to hear. It’s a fantastic guide that explains, step-by-step, how to build your own racing database. Which is a fantastic thing to know how to do? It explains everything in four handy parts. In the fourth part, it explains where to get your racing data. Now, this…

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