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  • Jan- 2018 -
    22 January

    Make money in MINUTES…

    How long does it take you to pick winners? In many cases, it can take hours. But pro betting teams have an ingenious tactic to take that time down to almost nothing. And they are able to use it to find winners with even greater rates of success. Every single day of the week. Today I’m going to let you…

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  • 9 January


    OK, so Christmas is some distance in the rear-view mirror. But for some reason, I still resemble a barrel. So I pulled on my running shoes and went for a speed run on the beach. 1 metre: Fine. 10 metres: Fine. 50 metres: Hmmm. I’m pretty good at this speed thingy. 100 metres: Actually, I take that back. 150 metres:…

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  • Dec- 2017 -
    13 December

    A Death at the Derby

    It’s 100 years since women got the vote. In 1918, around 8.4 million women were able to vote in the UK. Plus, women were able to be elected to the House of Commons for the first time. Now, you may know racing’s large part in this story. At the Epsom Derby in 1913, the elite was gathered to watch a…

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  • Nov- 2017 -
    16 November

    Day 6: Get Profit Recall for 99p!

    The deals just keep coming! Today, Profit Recall is tumbling in price. It’s probably the greatest and smartest racing tool we have ever made. And it can be yours for just 99p. Rather than the usual £47 It’s all because we’re celebrating turning 10 – but instead of receiving presents… We’re giving them to you. In the form of mega-low deals that literally make no…

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  • Jan- 2017 -
    17 January

    Boom… You just hit a bullseye!

    “Lo Michael, Have you ever looked into: Distance WON by. Distance behind winner (irrespective of its official position) ie a horse could finish 6th or 7th and only be 1-1/2 lengths behind the winner; as opposed to a horse finishing 3rd beaten 5 Lengths. Only considering “like for like races in the above”” Tom left this comment on the blog…

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  • Apr- 2016 -
    20 April

    Fairbot – Review

    Fairbot Advanced Automation – Strategy Editor Today I’m going to show how you can program Betfair to place and trade your bets given certain criteria. You can do this using an Excel spreadsheet and link the spreadsheet into Betfair trading software, but, frankly, doing this is quite complicated and requires quite a bit of knowledge. Recently I reviewed Fairbot and…

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  • Feb- 2016 -
    24 February

    Dobbing Secrets Review

    Dobbing Secrets & Fairbot – Review This is a review of the excellent Dobbing Secrets Report, which is available here. After describing Dobbing Secrets I will use Fairbot, which I previously reviewed (link), to show the potential of the Dobbing Secrets system, when combined with the power of Trading. Essentially Dobbing Secrets is a selection process that finds horses that…

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  • 17 February

    Fairbot – Betfair Trading Software – Review

    There are quite a few “trading software” programs on the market. They all have differences, but the common factor of them all is the speed that bets can be placed and the frequency that odds are displayed. We’ve all experienced the frustration on the Betfair exchange where the odds displayed are not met when we try to place a bet at…

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  • Jul- 2015 -
    2 July

    Racing Dossier Review

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  • May- 2015 -
    20 May

    Midas Method 3 – Walk Through Review

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  • 5 May

    Stop At A Winner Bot – Walk Through Review

    (I have heard back from Steve and Michael and they are looking at getting the strategies into a separate guide and adding risk levels for them) ***UPDATE*** Following the above video we ran the software and achieved the following results: 5th May +11.59 6th May +9.37 7th May +13.73 8th May -0.07 9th May +10.00 10th May +0.64 11th May +8.79 12th…

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  • Nov- 2014 -
    26 November

    BetTrader Software Review

    [review] Product Name: BetTrader Evolution Author: Adam Todd- Racing Traders Contact Details: Price: Free / £9.99 monthly / £99 Yearly Money Back Guarantee: N/A What Do You Get: Trading Software for Betfair Where To Buy: Will I Need Any Equipment To Do This : Betfair account and a racing traders subscription Adam Todd Founded Racing Traders in 2003 ,…

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