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  • Apr- 2019 -
    19 April

    Winner – My Racing Life

    When Tony McCoy announced his retirement from racing, the shockwaves reverberated a cross the world of sport. With more than 4,300 winners to his name, McCoy seemed to be at the peak of his powers, when he suddenly brought down the curtain on an extraordinary career. But then McCoy has always done things his way! WINNER, My Racing Life is an exceptional…

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  • 12 April

    The Jumping Game

    As a woman who trained the great Best Mate to win three consecutive Cheltenham Gold Cups, no one could be better qualified than Henrietta Knight to discover what makes today’s top jumps trainers succeed. From eccentric, outspoken Yorkshireman Mick Easterby, to elegant, aristocratic Venetia Williams, from Irish wizard, Willie Mullins, to perfectionist champion trainer, Paul Nicholls and young pretender, Dan…

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  • Mar- 2019 -
    29 March

    Winning Horse Race Betting Systems

    Winning Horse Race Betting Systems, does exactly what is says on the tin! It gives you loads of winning systems to use, straight off the bat. The book introduces the best winnings ways, presented simply, and in plain English, for you to use yourself. Winning Horse Race Betting Systems was written 10 years ago. The fact that it still ranks…

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  • 19 March

    The Definitive Guide to Betting on Horses

    From small beginnings in 2000, with matched bets of just £3,462 on the Oaks and Derby, to more than £23 million traded on a cricket match in January 2005, Betfair, the dominant exchange, can now arguably be called the world’s largest internet betting site. Punters, professional and casual, love it. And what’s more, bookmakers hate it! The Definitive Guide To…

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  • 14 March

    Winning It Back!

    This book is about one of the biggest gamblers of all time – Gary Wiltshire. The compelling rags-to-riches story of the larger than life punter, bookmaker and BBC television pundit. The imposing presence of Gary Wiltshire has long been one of the familiar and colourful sights on the racecourses and dog tracks of Britain. “In the fifth race, the Rosemary…

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  • Oct- 2017 -
    3 October

    Check out this great review…

    It can be hard to prove just how awesome a horseracing product is sometimes. For example, Profit Lockdown is a fantastic tool that teaches you to place bets that cannot lose. But some sceptical people are always like, “Reeeeeeeeally?” So it’s great when an independent reviewer tries it out and goes, “Yes, REALLY!” Respected sports betting reviewers CashMaster recently posted a review that gives Profit…

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  • Oct- 2010 -
    26 October

    Mordin On Time Reviewed

    Get Mordin On Time There has been a lot of interest shown in calculating speed figures recently and so it made sense to do a review of one of the leading books in the UK on creating speed figures. There are many books on creating speed figures in the US but, generally, they are based on data that we do…

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  • May- 2010 -
    18 May

    Winning Without Thinking – Book Review

    Winning Without Thinking is one of Nick Mordin’s books and is designed as a guide to betting systems. It was a book I read very early on when I first started to take my betting seriously. With 21 chapters and just over 300 pages there is certainly a lot of information to take in. Nick Mordin has a very nice…

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  • Apr- 2010 -
    19 April

    The Monthly Book Review – Braddock’s Complete Guide

    This is going to be a new feature at the Race Advisor. I have an arsenal of racing literature, some excellent and some not so good. There is always more to read and as you may have guessed I like to read as much as I can. If I can get even the beginning of an idea from a book…

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