• Jan- 2020 -
    20 January

    MODULE 2: Finding Your Way Around Race Advisor Pro

    Race Advisor Pro is designed to be the ultimate horse racing website. We provide an immense level of data to help you accurately analyse every upcoming race. This section will help to refresh yourself of what’s available to you, and look at some ratings you may not yet be using. Like everything, it becomes easy to read form once you…

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  • 20 January

    MODULE 1: Form Reading Like A Pro

    Fed Up With Long Losing Streaks? Master Form Reading With Race Advisor Pro The practice of picking a horse to win a race based on its form is as old as the sport itself. Horse racing and betting have existed side-by-side from virtually the very beginning. Punters have always relied heavily on reading and understanding how a horse has performed…

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  • 20 January

    Form Masterclass

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  • Dec- 2019 -
    19 December

    Developing Statistical Models of Horse Racing Outcomes Using R

    Originally published in SmartSigger, this is a complete guide to using R in horse racing to build statistical horse racing systems. A 58 page guide that is not available anywhere else. Whilst the examples now use an older version of R, if you’re interested in developing your own statistical horse racing models, you can download R for free here, and…

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  • Oct- 2019 -
    1 October

    Laying the Favourite – Profitable or Pointless?

    One of the best things about the Betfair Exchange, or any betting exchange for that matter, is the ability to place ‘lay’ bets. Prior to this innovation, all that most punters could do is ‘back’ an outcome they fancied, rather than making money by opposing a specific horse. Today, you have the chance to make money by ‘laying’ favourites that…

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  • Sep- 2019 -
    19 September

    Bad Each-Way Races (and how to use them!)

    Written by Eddie Lloyd Bad each-way races are where a bookie has no choice but to offer an over broke book on the place market of an each-way bet. Savvy punters have been exploiting this loop hole for years, and it’s proved harder and harder to get on these races with any sizeable bet, as it becomes more common knowledge…

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  • 3 September


    Discover How YOU Can See A Race Being Run Before It’s Even Started! THE WEBINAR The training starts at 30 minutes into the video, and the bonus strategy starts at 2 hours 15 minutes. Discover The 3-Step Strategy That Wins 90 Of Your Bets & Doubles Your Stakes THE WEBINAR BONUS CONTENT Download Sample Excel File With Formula =IF(AND(U2=”X”,AA2=1,AD2=1),1,””)

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  • 3 September

    How to Understand the ‘Weird’ Ratings on Your Race Advisor Racecard

    Written by Patrick Lynch As a Race Advisor Pro member, you have access to arguably the most sophisticated horse racing software on the market, and also have more information than can easily be digested in a single sitting. In Winning Without Thinking, Nick Mordin asserts that the greatest asset one can have when trying to pick winning horses is time. He’s…

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  • Aug- 2019 -
    13 August

    Creating Micro-Systems From Changes In Racing

    Researched by Patrick Lynch The trouble with horse racing betting systems is that we’re never sure if and when a change to the sport will affect them. The average punter is guilty of completely ignoring external events in the mistaken belief they have no impact. This is an illogical conclusion. It is hard to believe that a different approach to…

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  • Jul- 2019 -
    26 July

    Instant Strategies

    Betfair In-Play Winners Using VDW Profitably Daily Stat Pack Winners 3 Factor Angle Pace Strategy #1 Speed Graphs Lay Strategy

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  • 1 July

    Turn Into A Betting Ninja With Micro Betting Systems

    I normally eschew nonsensical ‘salesy’ type titles. In this case, however, I feel it is appropriate to the content. Ninjas are known for having the ability to silently sneak in and out, completing their objective without anyone realising until it is too late. You can be the betting equivalent of a ninja when you create the right micro betting systems…

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  • Jun- 2019 -
    25 June
    Photo of Inside The Rails

    Inside The Rails

    How many times do we see stories in the racing press relating to high profile horses missing a big race target due to a minor injury or niggle, and how often do we read about horses that will miss the rest of the season through injury? I am sure you will realise that this happens all the time, and these…

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  • 21 June

    Horses To Follow On The Flat in 2019

    The flat racing season is now in full swing. At the time of writing the Guineas meetings in England, France and Ireland have concluded and we have just had the Derby meetings in England France. With Royal Ascot just around the corner there is plenty to look forward to in the rest of the season, and now that we have…

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  • 17 June
    Photo of Royal Ascot Special

    Royal Ascot Special

    Just one day to the start of Royal Ascot and, what I believe, is the best five days of horse racing anywhere in the world. Nearly 300,000 people will visit Royal Ascot over the next five days, including of course Her Majesty the Queen and various members of the Royal Family. Each day of Royal Ascot begins with the Royal…

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  • 14 June
    Photo of Intelligent Betting: A Fundamental Guide To Betting On Horse Racing

    Intelligent Betting: A Fundamental Guide To Betting On Horse Racing

    “ Would you like to improve your betting? When it comes to betting on horse racing, most people don’t approach it with any kind of structure or realistic plan – and therefore the results they achieve from their betting are less than desirable.  This book aims to fix that by quickly getting you up to speed with all the fundamentals required…

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  • 8 June
    Photo of Bookie’s Runner to Bookie Basher

    Bookie’s Runner to Bookie Basher

    Thanks everybody for your interest, I have now, hopefully, come-up with the goods. My aim is maximum profits from minimum selections The basic system is a Trainer based Win & PLACE, and is as follows: Trainers with a minimum of 25% win, and or 50% placed runners, over the current season or longer. Minimum SP for the moment is 7/1,…

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  • 6 June

    How to Use the Monte Carlo Method in Horse Racing

    Monte Carlo is synonymous with casinos and betting, so it is hardly a surprise that there is a formula named after the place. When wagering on any sport, there are a remarkable number of factors to consider. In horse racing, for example, you have to account for the Going, the track, number of runners, the horse’s OR, whether it is…

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  • 3 June
    Photo of John Burke Monday EyeCatcher

    John Burke Monday EyeCatcher

    In this week’s article I look back at the Derby & Oaks, and some interesting stats for those punting at Brighton. We’ve had four of the five English Classics already run, and the flat season is just two months old! Frankie’s Famous Five My decision to look at bigger priced horses in the Oaks meant I didn’t back Anapurna who…

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  • May- 2019 -
    31 May

    Ratings List

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  • 10 May
    Photo of The Scudamores

    The Scudamores

    Join the Scudamore’s as one of the most successful families in British sport settles down for a good, long chat about triumph and disaster at the races. Simply put, this book is not dissimilar to having a chat with your mates down the local pub. Brilliantly written but in an interview like style, this book will highlight the passion, brilliance…

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