• Sep- 2019 -
    3 September


    Discover How YOU Can See A Race Being Run Before It’s Even Started! THE WEBINAR The training starts at 30 minutes into the video, and the bonus strategy starts at 2 hours 15 minutes. Discover The 3-Step Strategy That Wins 90 Of Your Bets & Doubles Your Stakes THE WEBINAR BONUS CONTENT Download Sample Excel File With Formula =IF(AND(U2=”X”,AA2=1,AD2=1),1,””)

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  • Jul- 2019 -
    26 July

    Instant Strategies

    The Instant Strategies on this page can all be used as shown. However, we strongly recommend that you practice using them, then start a thread in the forum and ask us for support on how to adapt them to suit you personally. Adapting a strategy to suit you is, by far, the most profitable way to proceed.Speed on Hurdle Turf…

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  • Jun- 2019 -
    14 June
    Photo of Intelligent Betting: A Fundamental Guide To Betting On Horse Racing

    Intelligent Betting: A Fundamental Guide To Betting On Horse Racing

    “ Would you like to improve your betting? When it comes to betting on horse racing, most people don’t approach it with any kind of structure or realistic plan – and therefore the results they achieve from their betting are less than desirable.  This book aims to fix that by quickly getting you up to speed with all the fundamentals required…

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  • 8 June
    Photo of Bookie’s Runner to Bookie Basher

    Bookie’s Runner to Bookie Basher

    Thanks everybody for your interest, I have now, hopefully, come-up with the goods. My aim is maximum profits from minimum selections The basic system is a Trainer based Win & PLACE, and is as follows: Trainers with a minimum of 25% win, and or 50% placed runners, over the current season or longer. Minimum SP for the moment is 7/1,…

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  • Apr- 2019 -
    23 April
    Photo of Top Weight Master

    Top Weight Master

    INTRODUCTION You are now the proud owner of one of the most effective, betting systems out there! With this system, we’ll be using a few rules that allow us to whittle down a day’s racing in a matter of minutes.  The whole process will take you no more than 5 minutes, and can be done the night before, or the…

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  • 23 April
    Photo of Ultimate Staking Plans

    Ultimate Staking Plans

    What Happens When You Combine a Proven Winning System with the Right Staking Plan? Introducing…the Gambler’s Fallacy The single greatest myth that pervades betting of all kinds is the notion that an event which hasn’t happened recently becomes ‘overdue’ and is, therefore, more likely to happen. It is known as Gambler’s Fallacy. There are countless betting systems on the Internet, some of…

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  • 23 April
    Photo of Alpha System

    Alpha System

    Introduction I’m sure, that for many people reading this manual, it wasn’t just the sport of racing that interested them, it was the betting as well. Betting has always been an integral part of the racing scene, and that long battle between punters and bookmakers has raged for decades. Unfortunately, over the years, there’s only been one winner – the…

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  • 23 April
    Photo of How To Make Your Own Odds Lines Like A Pro

    How To Make Your Own Odds Lines Like A Pro

    Factors for creating odd lines Creating an odds line, also known as a tissue (yes really), is what you need to do if you want to find value.  Without value, you’re never going to be able to make a profit, which makes it one of the most important things you will ever learn in your betting. In this guide, I’m…

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  • 23 April
    Photo of The Legendary VDW Profit Rocket

    The Legendary VDW Profit Rocket

    WELCOME While many people simply adore the majesty of a horse as it effortlessly leaps fences and sprints at a speed that humans simply cannot match, much of the interest in horse racing revolves around betting. It is a notoriously difficult sport to predict, so those with the ability to create a winning system are feted like Gods.  Every man…

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  • 23 April
    Photo of The Ultimate Horse Racing Conditions

    The Ultimate Horse Racing Conditions

    In the UK we see an average of four to five meetings every day.  With an average of 6 races in each meeting, we have up to 30 races to choose from. Which gives punters one of their biggest problems… …knowing where to start when choosing which races to bet on.  After all, you certainly don’t want to be betting in…

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  • 23 April
    Photo of Place Alchemy

    Place Alchemy

    Introduction The most popular type of bet is a back bet. That’s because it’s simple. If the horse wins you make a profit and if it loses you lose your stake. And it’s the simplicity that makes it so appealing to a lot of punters. However, there are other types of bets which offer great opportunities for the punter. One…

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  • 20 April
    Photo of Inside The Rails – Race Planning

    Inside The Rails – Race Planning

    In my regular articles, I have been taking a look at racehorse ownership to try to provide a peak behind the scenes at what goes into getting the horses that we watch and bet on, ready to take the chance on the racecourse. In earlier articles, I have looked at purchasing horses, the owner’s day at the races, what different…

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  • 10 April
    Photo of Betting in the 21st Century

    Betting in the 21st Century

    Horse racing maybe one of the oldest of all sports, and in its essentials it would appear to have undergone virtually no change over the centuries – it is still about thoroughbreds racing across a large field – but in so many other ways it is constantly evolving and the pace of change has accelerated considerably in the 21st century.…

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  • 7 April
    Photo of Small Fields Big Winners

    Small Fields Big Winners

    The Calculator Have you ever clicked on a website to view the day’s racing and found yourself completely overwhelmed by the number of races to choose from? It’s not unusual to see 30+ races, and unless you’re a professional horse racing tipster, you don’t have time to go through them all. Then you have the sheer number of ultra-competitive races.…

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  • 2 April
    Photo of Three Standout Races at the Aintree Festival

    Three Standout Races at the Aintree Festival

    The Aintree Festival is one of the most-anticipated National Hunt events on the racing calendar. The three-day extravaganza always delivers plenty of passion, entertainment and drama. The Merseyside track is a superb venue, and thousands of spectators descend on the course each and every year. The competitive racing attracts a plethora of top trainers and jockeys to the north west, and despite taking place…

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  • Mar- 2019 -
    29 March
    Photo of Winning Horse Race Betting Systems

    Winning Horse Race Betting Systems

    Winning Horse Race Betting Systems, does exactly what is says on the tin! It gives you loads of winning systems to use, straight off the bat. The book introduces the best winnings ways, presented simply, and in plain English, for you to use yourself. Winning Horse Race Betting Systems was written 10 years ago. The fact that it still ranks…

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  • 20 March
    Photo of The EyeCatcher Route to Winning Races

    The EyeCatcher Route to Winning Races

    Introduction Welcome to this guide. It’s going to show you how you should be keeping notes on horses performances, and how those notes can help make your betting more profitable. This guide is broken into three sections: The first section will look at the fundamentals of finding EyeCatchers (what we call the horses that we follow) and how to spot…

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  • 17 March

    Betting Systems


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  • 17 March
    Photo of Finding Winners (Statistically!)

    Finding Winners (Statistically!)

    Why You Should Follow This Method Welcome to the guide on Finding Winners (Statistically!). The strategy outlined below has been written by Eddie Lloyd, a professional bettor with years of experience in making a living from his betting. This approach is a statistical method, which will allow you to very quickly narrow the field, and find the “hot” horses in…

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