Cheltenham Races Today!

(Last Updated On: January 27, 2018)

January isn’t the most exciting month for jump fans.

But there is a fantastic day of racing today.

Because today is the day of the Cheltenham Trials festival.

But it’s not all about the sport – it’s also about making some serious money.

And I’m going to show you how…

1. Get your Festival Guide to the Cheltenham Trials by clicking here.

Our experts have spent weeks on this, finding the horses you need to back.

And the bets you need to place.

2. Follow the great advice in the guide.

We’ll tell you who to bet on, how much to bet and how much to stake.

Nothing is left to chance.

But if you want to bet your own way, there’s loads of great advice in the guide, too.

3. Collect your winnings.

And if past guides are anything to go by, it should be another big one.

When we did this at the Derby, the guide made punters £23,657!

But you’ll have to act fast to get your copy because the first race is not far off – it starts at 12.40pm.

So get your Festival Guide to the Cheltenham trials here and get started on a fantastic day of racing, profit and winning….

All the best,

The Race Advisor

Race Advisor

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