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Foundation strategy # 5  

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Hi Everyone

A cry for help as I seem unable to recreate foundation strategy 5 in the new system builder. 

What I am continually getting spat out of the system builder is a system with a A/E of less than 1 and a strike rate way under what was in the original video.

I have now tried multiple times to create this system and as this should be quite simple to do I am becoming frustrated, as this system combined with FMFR was since mid September was producing an A/E of 1.16 a 21% strike rate and 61 points profit.

I know I have mentioned this before but this is exactly why it would have been useful to continue with the morning email for a short period to ensure a seamless transition between self creation and having them provided.

Grateful for assistance to get this Foundation strategy up and running again with confidence in the contenders.



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Hi Graham, I've made a couple of small changes. I changed the >=4 to >4 and the odds from <31 to <=31. The A/E is 1.01, this is different in the video because there's been a lot of racing since then. November was particularly bad for the contenders of this strategy which has reduced the A/E down. However, this is the perfect example of why I recommend you use the FMFR method, because it takes contenders that have a small base edge and significantly increases it.

Despite the raw contenders having had a bad patch through November, you have still managed to increase the A/E to 1.16, and make 61 points profit. That's the power of spending those few minutes looking at the contenders in detail 🙂

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