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BSE lines and data bug?  



Hi, have noticed this problem getting worse over last few weeks to the point its every race now.  Finding it hard to follow the form lines and data for horses in races because its all so compact on the graphs and close together?  Is nobody else experiencing this?  Have tried it in a couple of browsers still the same.  Makes reading a race very difficult.


Can anybody else please confirm the data on BSE is also the same for them?

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Thanks for the message Paul. This is due to the major upgrade in the going allowance for speed ratings taking place at the moment. I am hoping it will be complete in the next 24 hours, and the graphs will go back to normal. In the meantime, please use the sliders on the left hand side, and underneath the graph, to zoom in on the areas you are wanting to see in more detail. You can see how to use the sliders in video six at

Hi Michael,  thanks for the reply regarding this.  I have been using the sliders it helps a little bit. Looking forward to it going back to normal in time for the start of the festival on Tuesday 🙂

We are currently on May 2018 with the update, it should all be finished by this evening 🙂

Thank you Michael legend.  Looking forward to studying them later for tomorrows big races 🙂

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