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[Solved] Confidence


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Hi Michael,


I enjoy using Raceadvisor very much, however, I see you posted an article on Facebook (I don't use Facebook) so I've not read it, entitled having confidence in the Foundation strategy. 

I have no confidence as the BSP odds are consistently missing from many runners (I know this has been raised again and you are looking into it) Without accurate data no confidence can be had. On top of this, my Expert strategy 'Maybe V1' shows stats as having a 33% strike rate, 33 points profit, and an A/E of 1.28 all very good in my opinion, yet when I download the results they are far from these numbers! 

Until the BSP odds for win and place are resolved nobody can have any confidence, especially if using odds as part of their strategy. Is there any point in having stats for each Expert strategy if they do not reflect the true results? Perhaps one that is not performing well may well be if I download and check. 

 Can these stats shown for each Expert strategy please be investigated as when the BSP odds are resolved then I may start to feel a bit more confident in what is reported?


Many thanks

Best regards


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Thanks for the message Mark. We were only missing Betfair odds for March, everything else should have showed as normal (March is now fixed). I've just double checked your system, and also exported it, the numbers seem to match. Please note that when you use Out Of Sample, the stats will always not include the Out Of Sample data (including in the Filter at the bottom). When you're happy it's not been backfitted, go into the settings and turn off the Out Of Sample feature to check the date ranges without removing some of the data for the out of sample. Out Of Sample doesn't affect exports, all data is exported. This could have been the cause of you seeing different figures in the stats compared to the export. 

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I should also mention that with Out Of Sample, whenever you make a change the sample changes, this also helps to prevent backfitting. So the stats may adjust up and down a bit while you have it turned on, and this is to be expected.

Many thanks for your reply Michael, I will check it all out as soon as time permits.


Best regards


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