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@mikeywilding. Hi Michael. Re, the 14:05 at Leicester today. DSLGR for  The Bay Birch is showing 41 days. However looking at the horses history I  can't see a race that meets the "good race" criteria as I understand it it. The best race in the last 12 months was beaten 7.5 lengths. See attached screen shots.




Screenshot 2021 02 18 at 13.00.58
Screenshot 2021 02 18 at 13.00.14
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We also use finish positions as well because they pay, either top two or three depending on race criteria. However, if you are using FMFR you can filter this much more, like in this example.

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Hi Michael. OK, thanks. But that just leaves me even more confused as to what the rules for a good race are.  I refer you to an e-mail exchange between us back in June where you seem to suggest that a race is not considered good if the horse is placed and it finishes > 2.5 lengths from the winner. See attached. Clearly the criteria are more complex than I thought. Is it because of the distance and heavy conditions in the race where it was placed?

BTW, my system picked this horse, but I dismissed it after FMFR. Of course it won. 🤨  I think I am learning not to second guess my system!




Screenshot 2021 02 18 at 16.06.50


We actually adjust what a good race is based on conditions. As a general rule 2.5 lengths from the winner is recommended, but we do also use place positions, number of runners, distance and ground to optimise it.

Thanks. Ok, I will take the DSLGR as gospel in future instead of questioning it. 

Thanks again.... John

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