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[Solved] Finish Position Code Problem


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Hi Michael


I just happened to notice that in the race card extracts for the Queen Mother Chase at Cheltenham on the 17th March, the horse Politologue has been assigned a finish position ID of 508 which is "withdrawn Under Orders". I thought it was just a non runner therefore should have been recorded as 500. Obviously this makes a big difference re bets placed on the horse as 508 would mean a loss whereas 500 would mean the bet was void. I backed Politologue and the bet was deemed void so I got my stake back, so surely 508 is incorrect.?





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It's officially been declared as withdrawn under starters orders, but a lot of bookmakers offered the stake back.

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Hi Michael. That's interesting. I didn't think he had even got to the parade ring. When do runners officially come under starters orders? I always thought it wasn't until they were at the post. Cheers John

A good question, tbh I also thought it was at the post, he was withdrawn only a few minutes before the race but I wasn't watching so don't know if they were on the track or not by then.

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