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[Solved] Form summary doesn't match horse history  


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Hi Michael.


See attached. I think I have raised this before and there may be a simple explanation, but thought I'd point it out again.


Screenshot 2020 12 31 at 11.46.57

Thank you John. There are a few horses with the same names and ID's as other horses that have slipped through our checks over the last few months. We have a list of them and will be correcting them asap. We've also been alerted to another condition that these errors in the data feeds all seem to follow, we will confirm this is consistent and if so will add it as another check to help prevent them coming into the system.

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We've confirmed that the issue is this horse came first in it's last race and was then disqualified, but we aren't showing the disqualification in the race history. This will be corrected tomorrow.

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Thanks Michael. 

Much appreciated

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