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[Solved] HIR_BSP and HIR PlcBSP info missing on historical race card extracts  


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Hi Michael. I just encountered a problem with my system and on investigation it is do do with the HIR_BSP and HIR_PlcBSP data missing from recent race card extracts. I checked using the standard race cards and it looks like that data is missing from 02/11 onwards. When do you update that info.

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@john-bainbridge-bell there was an issue with the URL's we were using from Betfair, this is being fixed and the data will be back up to date shortly. We generally have Betfair data 48 hours after the race finished.

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This has now been fixed and the BSP data is up to date.

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@mikeywilding Great. Thanks Michael

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Thanks Michael. Appreciated.

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