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[Solved] LOG IN  


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(@mikeywilding)hi michael when trying to log in today i get this !

You are currently using the Free version of RA Pro. You can upgrade your account now to get full access.

thing is i am on recurring payments and the next one is due to be taken out today 

Next payment on

4 Aug 2020

Next payment amount


Billing ID


please sort this out for me as i can't get access to the cards .

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Hi Steve, this is now fixed. We're experiencing some issues with our new login form, it will be fixed shortly.

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@mikeywilding many thanks michael , all ok now 

Thank you for confirming 🙂


I have the same message today, I cannot access the data.


Now working.

@michael-clarke thank you 🙂


Hi Michael, the same here for me - cannot get access to the cards because of this, please have a check, thanks!

@cheffe2 have you contacted our support desk re: this?


no, but now it works, thanks

@cheffe2 thank you for letting me know 🙂


Same message again.

@michael-clarke I can't replicate this at the moment, would you try clearing your cache please and seeing if that resolves the issue.


I had a message from the support desk that said I had unsubscribed and my account was inactive. 

I don't think I did but anyway my account has now been returned to active.

@michael-clarke okay great, thank you for letting me know Michael.

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