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I am exporting data and there is lots of missing data.

For example 27 Jan 1.15 Kelso no finish position or odds for some of the horses.


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Hi Michael, we found a few these yesterday and tracked it back to missing foaling date in our raw data feeds for some horses, this breaks one of our data quality checks. It's now been fixed so that if the foaling date is missing it doesn't break the addition of other data. 

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Not fixed, data still missing.

@mikeywilding yes unfortunately win% appear to be missing for all horses as well.

We are re-running our ratings for these horses, it will complete shortly. Please note there are still around 150 horses that may have missing or duplicated data.

This represents 0.19% of all horses in the database.

It is caused by us having received data with the same horse name and details, multiple times, but each time with a foaling date differing by a few days. There is no way to check whether these are individual horses or a single horse with incorrect foaling dates programatically, it has to be done manually. We will be going through them one at a time over the coming days and updating them individually.


Any response to this. Again very frustrating that I only noticed this after doing a lot of analysis that turned out to be pointless.

It is frustrating that after all the weeks of data verification I am still finding errors.

The number of runners field now seems to be wrong again.

@michael-clarke we keep the data as clean as possible. There are literally hundreds of checks that it goes through as it comes in, these pick up and correct huge amounts of errors. It is physically impossible for us to manually check the 10,977 fields and 135,513,343 records we have in the database.

Raw horse racing data is notoriously bad quality, we do our best to make it the cleanest possible. We can only provide it as is. It is amongst the cleanest, if not the cleanest, of any provider we know, including major websites such as the Racing Post who regularly have wrong information, duplicated horses etc.

The reason you find some errors in our data is that we are transparent and provide unparalleled access to it for members. There is nobody else I am aware of who lets their users have the same access to the raw data that we provide.

Any issues that you may find will affect a tiny percentage (most likely far less than 1%) of all data in the database. 

Of course, when you find something we will investigate it, and fix it where there is an issue. 

If you would like to give me an example of where you think the number of runners seems to be wrong, then we will investigate it.


Yesterday Kelso 5.10 export = 14, actual = 11.

@michael-clarke I've just exported this race. You will notice the number of runners column says 11, there are 14 horses listed as we also show the horses who were declared and became non-runners, they have finish positions of 500 and were Ofcourseiwill, Cilluirid and Cully Mac.


6th February Chelmsford 3.15, number of runners column says 11, there are 11 horses listed including a non-runner. Following your logic above the number of runners should be 10.

@michael-clarke I should have an answer on what is happening in this race tomorrow

@michael-clarke our developers missed running the previous fix for some races, this has now been done.

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