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There appears to be a bug in the system this morning. Under expert systems on the dashboard the foundational strategies are not showing any odds and in settings the add new racecard window will not open properly. I have cleared cookies and cache but it makes no difference.

Hi Alf, the odds in Expert Systems on dashboard currently only show for horses that have BSP or SP Odds criteria in the system.

I can't replicate the add new race card window at the moment. Please could you double check any anti-virus or firewall software hasn't updated and has started blocking raceadvisor.co.uk

Would you also be kind enough to test loading the site in a Private browser to see if you have the same issue.

The odds now make sense but can't resolve the race card issue. There have been no firewall or anti-virus updates in the last 48 hours. I have tried to open the window in Edge and also Chrome incognito but it makes no difference.

Hi Michael I don't know if you have done something or if it has sorted it's self out but all is working now. Thanks

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We didn't make any changes today, but great to hear all is working correctly now. It sounds like it may have been a temporary localised issue 🙂

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