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Hi Michael.

See attached. PFPPLR is still confusing me. See attached.

Rhythm is A Dancer has a PFP of 870. it has gained 45 PFP Points over last 4 races. Looking at its history I don't understand  how it could have got to such a low mark in the first place as it seems to have a reasonable win/place strike rate.

I suspect I'm missing something again.... but just in case its an issue.





1 Answer

Not this isn't right. We are needing to re-run through all the horses again to correct the bug you found. This is happening now and will update automatically 🙂 I think the script will take around 24-48 hours to complete but may be faster. In the meantime it will now only affect future races when one of the horses past races have been affected.

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@mikeywilding Hi Michael. OK Thanks. I'll stop reporting any further PFP issues until you report that script is complete. Thanks again


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