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[Solved] Opening race from results page doesnt sort horses in finish position order


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@mikeywilding Hi Michael. I have just noticed that if you open a race from the race results page, then whilst it correctly opens up the race with the finish position overlay and in-running comments etc., the horses are not sorted in finish position i.e. the wrong horses are shown in P1, P2, P3 etc. I needed to sort the card in Finish Position order to correct this. Have tried this with one of my custom cards and standard card and it is the same for both. See attached. Image 1 from opening from results page, Image 2 after sorting in FP order and now horses are shown in correct FPs.

Screenshot 2021 04 22 at 23.18.21
Screenshot 2021 04 22 at 23.19.42





Thank you, I've replicated this and we are working on it now.

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This is fixed now.

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