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I have just noticed that from the 27th of January the race description has changed from upper case to lower case. Is there a reason for this?

It is a pain because as there is no summary for the race description in RA I have had to use the "FIND" function in Excel to determine if they are handicaps etc, and this function is case sensitive. 

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The 'search' function is not case sensitive Michael. It accepts wildcards too.

I found it odd that RA doesn't have handicap/non-handicap as a discrete field. I'm used to three levels of race description in separate fields,

Level 1 (Code): Flat Turf, Flat AW, Chases, Hurdles, NH Flat

Level 2: Handicap, non-handicap

Level 3: Beginner, novice, maiden, auction, amateur, conditional, fillies, colts, selling, auction etc. etc.

@andrewp nobody has actually ever asked us to include your level 2 as an exportable option. Michael has asked for all classifications, which is on our development list. If it would be useful for enough members, we can get that added to exports before the classifications.

nobody has actually ever asked us to include your level 2 as an exportable option

That's fair enough Michael, I just find it odd they haven't. It's quite a fundamental split and being able to sort or filter on such a field is so much easier. Maybe everyone is doing the same as Michael C. :0)

@andrewp I agree, now you've brought it up I'm quite surprised too. I've added it to our list to include 🙂


I agree Andrew, with all the hundreds of ratings that I don't use it is frustrating that some of the basic fields such as handicap / non-handicap are not available.

Thanks for the comment on the search function, I will use that in the future rather than the find function. 

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