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 I have just put together a Lay the Favourite system on the system builder. My first node is 'Favourite' however the selections are showing 30+ entries. The summary at the bottom states on average 33 selections per month. 


Please let me know why this is happening and how I can get the selections to show only the ones that match all the systems settings and nodes.




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This is happening because we can't know which horse will be favourite before the race. The system will flag all horses that meet the criteria outside of any live market based criteria. If you use BSP instead of SP Odds, then there will be an X instead of a tick next to each horse if the odds are outside of the range set, but they will still show as selections as they could drift into the right range. 

Any market based conditions won't be applied to the horses found pre-race, but will be flagged with an indicator showing that you need to check the market to confirm they meet the criteria.

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