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Im having an issue with the RPR ratings in the resilts on the RA site, they dont appeaer to be in line with the actual RPR ratings on the Racing Post site? In some cases the RPR rating for an individual race is even larger than the horses Best ever RPR as listed on the Racing Post.

See comparison file attached for horse Go Another One.

I was looking at Cheltenham Handicap results and noticed your ratings were higher than the actual RPR ratings achieved. Any idea why this is?



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Thank you for the message. RPR ratings change depending on when they were received. We received the ratings pre-race, but the Racing Post display RPR ratings in results which are adjusted after the results are in, which is why you will see differences (sometimes large) between the ratings we received and the ones they are displaying in their results.

This was always a concern when we started showing them, as it makes them very hard to use. We are actually looking at no longer displaying RPR ratings for a number of reasons, including this one. In January 2020 we moved data supplier from the Racing Post to a new supplier (who actually supply the Racing Post with their data) and that means we no longer receive the RPR.

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Shame, RPR at least has a basis of a numerical starting point to work from, what rating do you use as a comparison against your data and other data in relation to the value of weight for age etc in line with what the official handicapper assessment details?

Does the 5278 CFR have a rating calculated or is this just a rank rated rating only taken from other rank rated criteria.

Im looking for something viable numbers wise (not rank wise) to compare ratings against to identify disparity between opinions.

What is RA's highest rated horse in the database? do you have a rating that identifies that?

What is RA's highest rated 2-Y-0 from 2019?

I see there are hundreds of ratings, im looking for the one thats based on what a horse has achieved, is there one in there that details this? an identified RAW rating and adjusted rating based on performance across all horses not just on a race by race basis.





@omenomen there are a few ratings like this, but I would suggest you look at the PFP rating. What's key to know about the PFP rating is that it takes every horse that it takes into account all horses that every horse in the race has ever raced against, and all the horses those horses have raced against, to determine how a horse is performing. This means it's not ideal if you want to pick up an instant improvement, as it can take a race or two to determine if a horse is truly progressing or not.



Thanks for you comments, Ive looked at the PFP rating and its not what im looking for and it cant be taken in context as a value of a horses performance outside of the race that its running in.

For instance if you take the Foxhunters Chase at Cheltenham, and look at the PFP rating for Shantou Flyer of 1534 and then take the Gold Cup and look at the rating for the Winner Al Boum Photo 1523 its not a rating that reflects the performance of the horses. Igorne the fact that one carried 11-10 and the other 12-00, Shantou flyer is officially rated 141 and Al Boum Photo 175, there is 34lb difference in their ratings officially less the 4lb for weight so 30lb difference.

The RPR for Shantou Flyer was 140 the RPR for Al Boum photo was 176, thats 36lb less 4 for weight so 32lb difference.

That has context, the BHA and RPR assessors had a slightly different view with RPR marking the performance up 2lb better.

I am looking for a rating that is relevent to the level & class of the horse not where a hunter chaser can have a higher rating than a gold cup winner, that has no context outide of the relative races if you understand what I mean.

If Al Boum photo ran against Shantou Flyer I couldnt handicap them using PFP ratings as Shantou Flyer would have to carry 11lb more than Al Boum Photo if I did. Hence the PFP has no context outside of the race its used in.

Is there an RA rating that does? hence the importance of OR & RPR, it gives context to the ratings.





@omenomen ah I see what you are looking for, I think the only ratings we have that will work in the way you're looking for is our speed ratings.


I would treat the speed ratings with caution. In particular calculations on the all weather are a lot higher than on turf.

The top 900 performances for the last year were all achieved on the all weather.

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