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[Solved] Some Forums Not Visible  


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The 'Forum' link seems to have disappeared from the members page and I can only see the 'Bugs' and 'what would you like to see' forums (none of the others).

Anyone else experiencing this?

*raises hand*

I'm missing everything I havent bookmarked.

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Hi, despite the forum having had excellent use over the years, with more people moving to social media platforms for communicating, we made the decision to close the other areas of the forum and just keep our RA Pro Members community group on Facebook. I appreciate that for a few people this will be disappointing, but we decided to do the move in order to be able to provide the level of service and support that we want to.

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Well I'll be honest. That is quite disappointing. Especially to find out like this (unless of course I missed an email in which case I apologise).

The forum is incredibly useful for new members and keeps everyone's threads all in one spot as opposed to scattered through 9001 threads all over random Facebook posts.

It is just as well for Race Advisor that you provide an unique service that works to some extent, this sort of thing is exactly the sort of thing that makes me look for alternatives.

I'll have a look at this members area on Facebook but just now Mr Wilding that I am... annoyed.

Heck my thread was heavily visited (just look at the numbers) people find these resources great and easy to use.

This FB page better be something good.

Hi Michael, I did send out a couple of emails about it giving a notice period. You may have missed them, or they may have gone into your junk folder by mistake. I am sure that you will be very pleased with the FB group, and I hope you will continue to share there.

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