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Kimifive last rating is missing for 1.45 Haydock race?



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I've noticed this too - example 2.45 Newmarket today, most of the field have had a recent run since lockdown but speed rating graph only has 4 data points for June as is missing a few horses last runs speed figure. I'm a newbie so of course may have missed something / doing something wrong.


I've just checked this and it looks to be alright now, so I'm guessing one of our developers looked at this during the day 🙂

Please be aware that we cannot always create a speed rating for a horse. If it's a race that we can't create an accurate enough speed figure due to lack of races on the conditions at the course, then we don't calculate the speed figure as it won't be accurate.

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Checked the 2.45 Newmarket this morning as Jon Shenton points out some speed ratings missing including Donnybrook, but more interesting if you backtrack to Donnybrook's last race 13th June 5.30 Leicester and open speed ratings chart you will see Marietty has ratings going back to 2012 only born 2017 but seems was doing a bit of hurdling in a previous life and Electric Mistress non runner on the day has been creeping out of Karl Burkes stable behind his back to put some extra runs in.

@danoli this has happened because our previous data supplier was sending us horses with wrong ID's. We are aware of this, and are catching a lot of them but not all. It will be rectified in the upcoming database update within the next couple of weeks, we're just calculating the ratings at the moment before we move it live.

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