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[Solved] System Builder not filtering horses  


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Good morning and I hope that you had a lovely Christmas.

Am extremely impressed with the system builder and have been using it to refine some of my systems found using downloads etc.

Now that we have some races today I have discovered that it is not filtering the horses - I have 927 entries in my selections list for today and it seems to be ignoring the rules for a system and just listing all the horses in a race which matches the settings only (eg Hurdle Turf). Also when I hover over the odds on the some of the selections, it is showing an old rule for that system, one that I changed. 

Is there a setting somewhere that I have inadvertently turned on, have I forgotten to do something or is this happening for everyone?

Thanks very much


I have the same issue but not with all systems so it appears. I think it may be linked to my other message


Best regards


Thank you for this James. You haven't changed this at all, and it is happening for everyone. We're pretty sure that the issue is related to fixing a different bug where selections weren't showing pre-race for horses that had odds rules because the odds weren't available. We have made the odds available on the dashboard with a cross or tick so that you can see when the odds rule is matched, but seem to have broken something in the process. We are hoping to have this fixed by tomorrow. I will let you know here when it is resolved.

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This is now fixed.

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