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Sunday. Has anyone else had trouble with there wallets not having there winning put in please. Or is it just me

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Great 🙂

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Hi @budgie-1 I've taken a look at your account and can't see an issue. To confirm, as of the 1st May, we released an update to how your Bonus RaceCoins work at Aldermist.

The update was released in response to a growing trend in abusing Bonus RaceCoins to amass large volumes of coins. This abuse of the platform reduces the realism of betting, and slows down the progress of becoming a long-term profitable bettor.

In order to prevent this from happening, there is now a maximum stake size of 5 RaceCoins when you are using your Bonus RaceCoin wallet to place bets.

Please note that there are no limits when using your Standard Wallet.

Profits from bets using Bonus RaceCoins, will now be calculated daily instead of after each bet.

This means if you are in profit on the day from your Bonus RaceCoin bets, the daily profit will be added to your Standard Wallet. We will no longer be adding Bonus RaceCoin profit to your Standard Wallet on a bet-by-bet basis.

If you can still see an issue please could you let me know some more details so I can trace it back.

The Race Advisor now has an Instagram channel. You can follow us on Instagram here.

@mikeywilding ok thanks. Not sure about the bit coin beeping total at the end of the day. From what i have been doing i have learnt 4 ways of looking for the bet. I just need to refine my chose off bet and not bulk bet. With the virus maybe over in 45 days and hope the racing to start in a couple off weeks its good practice. loving it.


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