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How to watch racing at Kranji - Singapore  


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18/05/2020 10:50 am  

The place to go for all official things at Singapore relating to racing is the Singapore turf club website.

Currently racing suspended until the 1st June because of Covid-19 but when it resumes this is the place for all the race and horse info.

Race cards

Race video

Under Racing Info you get the cards, results, trials, stats, news etc.

Under Media Centre you get the race videos, workouts, head to heads and trials.

Race video can also be found from the results page together with segment timing for the result. Clicking on more details allows you to select the segments further.

So if you enjoy racing at Kranji get the ahead of the crowd relying on Racing Post or what poor info is found in the bookies and go to the source.

I usually use for international racing as they cover just about all races from everywhere not just a select few races from some meetings.

To watch a live race normally only requires a 50p bet as well, sometimes just the once for the whole meeting not per race depending on the meeting.

Commentary can be in German or English but a horses name is a horses name in any language.

They used to show French racing but media rights seemed to have changed a while ago but my article on French racing has this covered, South African and US racing video is usually available and German races.

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Thank you.

The Race Advisor now has an Instagram channel. You can follow us on Instagram here.

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