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How to watch racing from France live.  


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15/05/2020 4:44 pm  

As French racing media coverage is normally not shown on UK terrestial TV and racing is currently taking place there is how i watch French racing live and in good definition.

I basically have an old laptop connected to my TV so i can stream and watch catchup TV but its also useful for Youtube and other online feeds like French racing.

First you will need an account at the France-Galop website, unfortunately if you dont live in France you may not be able to register.

The trick is to use a VPN and set the country to France first, then load the website, top left you change language to English just click on EN.

Register an email address and get a login. Once you have the login there is plenty of info on French racing, the courses and results etc. To watch replays or live racing just click on the links at the top of the page. You can enlarge full screen by hovering over the bottom right of the video to reveal a page expand symbol, click on that and you get full screen action. If you machine is connected to the TV its now on the telly.

France Galop

Suitable good legit VPN thats free with a good free allowance of 10Gb and if you tweet a referral link you get an extra 5gb.

If you dont want the full program there is a Chrome extension you can turn on/off as needed, under settings you have other options for ad blocking etc, these may prevent certain sites from loading well or not at all so you may want to turn them off if you have problems with iplayer or bet365 as they dont even allow the page to load with Nord VPN which i use as a paid VPN, other betting sites can also restrict loading or access if using a VPN due to the extensive tracking they use. I have multiple machines and VPNs and browsers etc so not a problem for me as i work in IT.

Once installed and turned on it will be set to automatic this will usually be the UK if in the UK so click on the word Automatic an you will get a list of countries. Most are not active in the free one but France is so choose France, load the France Galop page and register and sign in then enjoy free French horse racing.

For the preferences, just click on the Browser toolbar icon (roundal with the W inside it) and the window will expand to show the On/Off button, the word Automatic and top left 3 small horizontal bars called the hamburger icon (looks like a hamburger, top bun, burger, bottom bun). click on that and you get a load of preferences.

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15/05/2020 8:52 pm  

Thank you for the tip 🙂

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27/06/2020 6:31 pm  

For French racing best site to watch is zeturf just sign up for an account, LeTrot is best for trotting PMU site give good information on the days card also French Gallop is worth a look. ATR for all replays of races LeTrot for replays the trotting tracks. For the Swedish trotting get an account at Racebets but will have to place a bet to see the race, Racebets also good for German and Italian horseracing which is useful with lots of uk raiders these days.

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