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In Form Jockeys  


Simon Conway
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05/06/2020 10:27 am  

I noticed yesterday that Ben Curtis

was on a good run of form as he was 2 

nd. then had a winner - so I backed his 

next 2 rides - Win Only .

He duly obliged at a nice price .


Anyone else follow this simple method ?

Or a I a bit Football Betting minded ? 



Michael Wilding
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05/06/2020 10:45 am  

You can definitely look for hot jockeys and trainers. This is generally known as pattern watching. You will also find that jockeys and trainers are not just in a run of good form for no reason, it is because of. the horses they are racing, the trainers they are working with and the races they are being entered into which suits them. If you can pinpoint this information you can build an group of patterns that you can look out for. 

There's a great book on this from the US, it's old now but worth a read. If you want me to find out the name of it I'll do that, just let me know.

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