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Please could someone give me a list of publications I can advertise my website in.I run a horse racing tipster website.The Racing Post and related papers no longer accept tipster adverts.

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Michael W would be best placed to reply to this, he understands the tipster market. The Race Advisor used to proof tipsters. The rest of us might say which publications we read (print and online).

Personally, I only view Timeform, Racing Post and Sporting Life web sites on a regular basis.

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There aren't many to be honest. I'm pretty sure the Racing Post will do it if you proof to them, but proofing to them isn't that simple. Racing Ahead magazine I think will still accept tipster adverts. Any publication which has their own tipsters will be reluctant to allow advertising for tipsters. Race tracks will also accept tipster advertising, when they eventually get a crowd back.

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I think most publications will look to proof tipsters before taking adverts - online you could look at On Course Profits and the Smart Betting Club the latter actually does Tipster reports and follows them over a period of time and produces profit reports/etc

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