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Marti330's 4-Step Strategy  


Martin Caulfield
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29/06/2020 11:41 am  

Back and Lay



3 to 4

no specific preference 

Michael Wilding
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30/06/2020 9:19 am  

Morning @marti330 thank you for the answers to the questions, and great to have you as part of the community in the forum.

If you start to get uncomfortable with around 7 losing bets in a row, then we need to be looking at a 65% or higher strike rate for the long term. This will be easier to find laying, but is definitely possible backing if you're happy looking at shorter odds horses?

As I'm sure you know, the difference psychologically between backing and laying is that if you back then generally your bankroll is decreasing until you get a few wins which recover it and bring it to a new high. This process then repeats. With laying your bankroll is generally increasing until you hit a loser, which sees a big dent in the growth and then it starts growing again.

Which are you going to be more suited to?

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