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Proofing Selections  


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05/01/2020 9:24 am  

Can anyone please tell me how I go about proofing my daily selections?

I see there is a proofing page but how do I add myself to this?

Many Thanks

John Waters
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05/01/2020 10:22 am  

I think the proofing page is for various Tipsters maybe Michael can add you to this list? - I think that the only other way to do it is to use a Paper Bank and track your results - alternately use a small betting bank with twice the number of points that you think you need.

If you look for Posts by AndrewP he has a Spreadsheet that you could use that he has made available on Dropbox. I seem to remember a RA Spreadsheet too somewhere on the Members page.

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05/01/2020 12:11 pm  

Hi Steve 🙂 @johnwaters1965 has it exactly right.

At the moment the best place to proof is by starting a thread in the forum with the selections.

We are going to be releasing a bet tracker early this year into our members area. I will be posting a thread shortly with the initial features we are considering, and one of those will be able to share you results and/or selections with other members. If enough people would be interested in this we will add it to the development plan.

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