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[Sticky] The 4 Most Important Questions To Be Profitable  


Michael Wilding
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10/02/2020 3:09 pm  

If you'd like me to help you adapt and adjust our betting strategies to suit you personally, the very first thing to do is answer these four questions:

​1) What type of bet do you prefer? Back, Lay, Place, Each Way, Dutch, 80/20 etc.

​2) How much time do you have available on days you bet to find selections?

​3) After how much time in a downswing do you start to become uncomfortable?

​4) How many selections do you like, roughly, in a day?

If you have any preference for specific races, then please also include these in your answer 🙂

Once you've posted your answers, I will create a new thread for you with the words 4-Point in it with them (so I can keep track of your answers and what we're building out for you) and recommend a strategy to start with.

Take this strategy and update it in the thread, tracking your results, and we can adapt it together to get your profitable.

When I am up to date there will be no pending messages in this thread as they will all have been moved to their own threads 🙂

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Thomas Orr
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19/07/2020 7:11 pm  

Just take time to find the ropes,The more you study the better you will be in the Future.. 

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