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[Solved] Allow resizing of Speed Chart Dynamic Filter form so it can be used on small displays  



Hi Michael

When I open the Speed Chart Dynamic Filter Form on my iPad, it is unusable because I cant scroll across to the the Apply Filter button in the bottom right hand corner, and the form cant be resized to make it visible. 

I haven't put this in as a bug because its a minor inconvenience. I'm just thinking about if and when we can go racing together I might want to use RA from a mobile device.




1 Answer

Hi John, please can you try zooming out on your ipad browser window. You can do this by hitting the AA in the top left URL bar, and then tapping on the small letter, each tap will zoom you out a bit 🙂

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Hi Michael. Ah thanks. I missed this because I normally use Chrome which doesn’t have this feature. I did try this with Safari before raising the request, but because I am less familiar with this browser I missed this zoom feature. Safari it is from now on then.





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