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[Solved] Bet Tracking  



We will be releasing a bet tracker into your members area early this year, and I'd love to hear your thoughts on what we are planning on including in the first release, and any suggestions you may have.

The bet tracker will be made available on your dashboard, and you will be able to create "Strategies", by which I mean a name within your bet tracker. Once you've created this, you will then be able to add your selections to the tracker straight from the race card, using the same Add Selection method that is currently available to add selections to your dashboard.

The selections on the dashboard would now include the strategy name, to help you identify selections.

The bet types we are considering initially are back, each-way, place and lay. 

You would be able to enter Advised Odds into your tracked bets, so if you are placing them through a bookmaker you can put the odds you have achieved in.

You would be able to remove selections from your bet tracker before and after races.

Clicking on a strategy listed within your tracker would open up a new page where you would be able to see all the results from your selections. These would be shown in a table, very similar to our tipster proofing charts like this one:

There will be the ability to change the timeframe, odds type and staking (all selections will be proofed to one unit stakes as well as advised staking).

There will also be the ability to export the results in a CSV file. 

Betfair Odds will be available, but could be 48-72 hours behind the rest of the results as we have a delay on receiving the odds. A fixed commission rate of 5% will be deducted from the Betfair results.

Of course, the selections, results and charts would be private, and only viewable by you inside your members area.


In the future we could look at adding:

* More bet types

* Staking plans

* Ability to share your results and/or selections publicly in a forum thread, which would also show them on members race card with a count of the number of members who've tipped each horse.

* More information such as A/E score and Expected Winners

I'd love to hear if everything you would like to see in the initial release is there, or if it's missing something you consider critical to your bet tracking. If you would like to suggest a feature that you don't consider critical, but would be nice to have, please also let me know and we can add it into the future developments for the tracking tool.

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Hi Michael,

Just to clarify I assume I will be able to have a number of different trackers and make selections to any of them. This will then drive a summary sheet for each of my trackers to measure overall performance.

is that correct?

Do you have an example of the tracker format?

I tried to access the tipster proofing chart which is mentioned in your thread but this comes up with an error message.

I look forward to hearing from you.



That’s exactly it David. You will be able to setup different systems within the bet tracker and add selections to any of them. Then you’ll get the summary chart, stats and selection details for any of them.

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@carlnewbury72 thank you for pointing this out, it's because the original date has past due to our developments being delayed with the lockdown on racing. It is definitely still part of our development plan, and I've now made all developments visible. We are currently working to get our database upgrade completed over the next week. Then we will be re-looking at the development schedule and updating the timeline 🙂

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This looks like being a great tool However, I note that more bet types might be added as future updates but I would like to see Dutch added from the start as about 50% of my bets are dutch bets.


Great, thank you for letting me know. I think that will be possible 🙂


Copy that!  🙂


Thank you for the vote Brian 😊


I love the A/E score and expected winners to know your getting value 😀 and also love having the dutch side too..


Thank you Alex 🙂


Hi Michael,

Can you give us an update on how you are progressing with the BetTracker please?

Will I be able to back fill on the tracker. I have manual written records of certain strategies and would like to import the information onto the Tracker. If that is possible how will it work? I have the date and time of the races so will I be able to go back to that race card and input the data into the tracker. will I be able to input multiple type bets onto the tracker?

Given the current downtime it would be really useful to use the time available to do this work.

I look forward to hearing from you.


@westminster57 we are currently running behind on this development due to the Coronavirus. We didn't have planned a way to import bets or add bets historically, however the fact that we're running behind means it is definitely something we can look at adding in. Initial release will be with Win and Each-Way bets, and we'll follow this up with Place and Lay bets. Multiple type bets are in the development plan, but will be a bit further down the line.

Is there any particular way you would prefer to be able to import historic records? I am thinking it may be easier if we can allow a CSV import for you to bring them in.


Hi Michael noticed that the bet tracker isn’t on the in development list does that mean it’s been shelved ?


Thanks for the update Michael 

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